Monday, February 7, 2011

StarWars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 15 ~ 16

StarWars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 15 ~ 16

I was looking forward to watching Episode 15 of the The Clone Wars last week because of the appearance of Qui Gon Jinn, but sadly I wasn't impressed with the story arc that was continued in this week's Episode 16.

Watching Episode 15: Overlords and Episode 16: Altar of Mortis was like watching an episode with Jar Jar Binks on it. I was hoping that episode 15 was a one-off, but they just had to continue it in episode 16.

But then again, I've always been adverse to SciFi shows crossing towards the realm of Fantasy (hence why I hated Macross 7). Which is what I feel these episodes are all about, what with the Force Wielding family that Anakin and Co are up against.

The premise of the two episodes are basically that the Jedi knights are brought to the planet that the Force Wielding family are at because the head of the family wants to test whether Anakin Skywalker is the prophesized being who can bring balance to the Force...yada yada yada... and the story will continue till episode 17...blehhh.

You've had your fun Mr. Lucas, now more Republic vs Separatists please... kinda feel bad now after posting here how I liked this series for its mature storyline that after this story arc that they lost me again. Guess I'll be watching the succeeding episodes with trepidation because the series will have to prove to me all over again whether its worth watching.