Thursday, February 17, 2011

Popsicle Bridge

Popsicle Bridge

Been busy of late offline so I missed blogging for a day in this blog. Schedule is out of whack right now in terms of updating stuff on this blog but I was able to put in some work on the long put-off task of building a bridge for my son.

Popsicle Bridge

I've been wanting to build one for the longest time because my son is in the stage of wanting to play with small toy cars. After building my first base I got inspired to finally go ahead and try to build one.

Using some super glue and some popsicle sticks I set out to build a bridge. So far this is what I've finished last Sunday (refer to pics). Googling "popsicle bridge" I found out that there is a wealth of information on bridge building using popsicle sticks which will come in handy in reinforcing the bridge. But the way my son plays with his toys (given his age) I'm hoping that it will last more than a few minutes with him *snicker*

I remember in my high school physics class we had an individual project to build a strong bridge out of toothpicks, glue plus the knowledge we learned in physics that could stand the weight of our physics teacher. Yep, she was going to stand on it and see how long before it broke and from there she would compute your grade.

Had I known then what I knew now I think I would have gotten a higher grade if I applied what I learned in structural design class plus the knowledge culled from google. Yep, when building a bridge or anything in particular always apply trusses.

Another thing I would have done was instead of wasting time placing the toothpicks individually I would have just made a mold of the bridge out of carboard then dumped the toothpicks and glue in. Would have saved me an entire weekend and late weeknights putting that sucker together *hehehe*