Thursday, February 24, 2011


Display Case

We used to have an Aquarium in the house when we were growing up and it was really soothing just watching the fish swim around and listening to the hum of the aerator. I thought I was the only one in the house who felt their stress relieved by watching the fish but turns out that my mother and brother also found it relaxing.

Display Case

I found out today that the root word for aquarium is vivarium. Its latin for "place of life"... when you think about it, its a more humane way of referring to a cage. *snicker*

Display Case

Ever since I've bought the display case for my toys and model kits I've been seeing myself spending more time just staring at my collection than usual. I guess it wouldn't be proper to refer to my display case as a Mecharium or a Toyrium, since there is the absence of life. But I have to say that the effect of just spending time looking at my collection is quite similar to the solace and peace I experience when looking at our old aquarium.

Breaking this down further, I've realized that the increased frequency of viewing could probably be because of the display case being located in a place in the house that I am often in. Also because of its height(4ft) that I can easily view it, unlike before when my collection was located on a top shelf, wherein I had to manuever myself into position just to view it. Then there's the fact that its new, so there's still the added excitement of having something new in the house.

Then again, guess that's why they call it a hobby.