Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Movie Car Chase Scene

An article at Wired that Steve Mcqueen's motorcycle was up for sale has subsequently led me to the famous car chase in the movie Bullitt because I was curious that some sectors have pointed it out as one the greatest car chase scene ever in a movie.

Best Movie Car Chase Ever?: RoninPersonally, for me, the greatest Car Chase scene will be the first car chase scene in the movie Ronin. I think its mostly because of how the shoot out, the off road scene and the eventual car chase in narrow streets was crafted that separates for me this car chase scene from the garden variety car chase scene.

Then of course I was amazed that they were able to shoot it in such narrow streets (I think I mentioned that already *snicker*). Add to that that I was working straight at that time and really had no idea what the movie Ronin was all about. I only watched it because I saw that Robert De Niro was starring in it and because I usually end my work week by catching the last full show at the movie theatre (I was single at that time).

In the end I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and the car chase scenes that I felt like gunning my car out of the parking lot. I guess that in itself is the proof that that was a good car chase scene, when you feel like releasing the inner speed demon in you after watching it. Then there's the added factor of not knowing what the movie was all about in the first place to further enhance the entertainment impact.... but that's just me, I acknowledge that each movie impact is different for each viewer.

Below is a clip of that car chase scene from Ronin.

And here's the second car chase scene from that movie, which is equally quite good as the first.