Friday, January 7, 2011

Drum Set


My wife and I bought our son a set of play drums for Christmas (cost about $40). You're probably wondering what were we thinking buying something that would definitely disturb the inner tranquility of our house, but hey that's just our way of helping him find out whether he is musically inclined or not.


This started when my son was still a toddler and was watching an episode of Barney where he was mimicking one of the characters playing the drums. Because of this, my wife fashioned out a drum set out of old cans for him and he's been happily playing with it ever since.

I remember when I was a young boy in the 80's when one of the first PC's came out, my Dad promptly bought an Apple][e for the house. I guess you could say that my exposure to this contraption was what defined for me what I wanted to do in life. So this is just me returning the favor and helping expose my son to things that could hopefully help him figure out later in life what he wants to do.

Except for the noise, its quite cute actually. The toy comes with 3 different drums, a stool and a pair of drumsticks.