Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cool Dad

Cool Dad

On the drive home from the toy store where we went shopping for Christmas gifts for our son and his cousins, I was telling my wife that I've become the "Cool Dad" that I've always envied that my classmates had. In grade school, the cool dad was the guy who was into toys or model kits despite being old. To me he was "peter pan", the kid that never grew up and therefore could easily relate to his kids.

Come gift giving time for birthdays or Christmas, the kids with the "cool dads" always had the best toys because their dads knew what it was that was the "cool" or "in" toy at the time. And because of which, they needn't fear that the budget set aside for their gifts would be wasted on uncool things such as clothes or books. And the cool dads were the ones who gave toys all the time to their kids without needing a reason (birthday, christmas, etc). They needn't go far too when their toys got busted, because cool dad was always there to repair or mend their broken toy. And cool dad was there to teach them how to paint and build a model kit if incase the modeling bug hit them. And they needn't worry about not being up to date with the latest toys, because cool dad hangs out all the time at the hip online shops so cool dad is always well informed.

Yep, I told my wife: I am the cool dad that the other kids will envy and our son will be a hit with his peers because of his "cool dad". To which my wife gave me that smile that without words I know means that I am lost in my delusions and falling victim to my vanity all over again... hehehe

Of course being cool dad won't last forever, because the time will come when kids will hit puberty and having toys is regarded as being "uncool". So I guess while it lasts, I'll enjoy being cool dad....*snicker*

Not sure too if I'm using the correct Japanese word above, which read as "kakkouii chichi" or "cool dad". Maybe it should be "suteki chichi".... hmmm?