Sunday, December 12, 2010

Airbrush Tank Conversion Part III

Airbrush Tank Conversion Part III

Still raining in my parts of the world so I couldn't get any painting done. Been busy too with Christmas related stuff and all, hence the sparseness of posts. Today, to while away the free time, I decided to change my air tank set up yet again from the last time. Quite funny too since I've been changing a lot in this air tank but have yet to spray one model kit with it...hehehe

This time I decided to put in already the ball valves I bought a few months back. The ball valves are the ones labeled 1 & 2 in the picture and have a yellow handle. Basically they are valves that allow the flow of air to go through. The purpose of #2 is the air inlet for the compressor when I need to recharge the tank with air. The compressor will be that of my mechanic friend, whose house is on the way home from mine. As a backgrounder, no moolah yet to buy an air compressor so I'm having fun converting an old oxygen tank that belonged to my Dad to use as an air source for my air brush.

#1 ball valve meanwhile is used to control air flow to the air brush. When I'm using the air brush #2 valve will be close and #1 will be open. When I'm recharging the air in my tank from a compressor #1 will be close while #2 will be open.

And to give a tour of this setup, I decided to label the other parts. #3 is a pressure gauge that will measure the pressure inside the tank and will alert me when the air is already running out of the oxygen tank. #4 is the air regulator that will control the pressure of the air flowing to the air brush. That way I can add an additional layer of control to the air brush's air/paint mix. Lastly #5 is the main valve that turns the air on or off from the tank.

Now if I can only find a reason to use my air brush *snicker* Right now I'm content with using my spray cans because I feel I don't need to chase after a particular color that can only be achieved by mixing one's own paint.