Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get a Chance to Win a MG Qan[T] from HobbyLink TV

MG 00 QAN[T]

Chance for you to win a free Master Grade Qan[T] courtesy of HobbyLink TV. HobbyLink Japan's sister site, HobbyLink TV, decided to give away the MG Qan[T] in celebration of their 20th Episode. More information about this giveaway can be found at their website.

I like the series of videos that HobbyLink TV makes because they are informative, especially for a newbie model builder like me. Technically though I guess you couldn't call me a newbie because I built kits when I was a kid but I consider myself a newbie because I came back to model kit building during the time of the "internets" where I found out that there really is a lot to be learned about model kit building. Anyhoo back to the topic at hand.

Aside from the wealth of information learned from the videos of the site, I am impressed with the dedication and effort that the team puts in constructing each episode. Case in point was during one episode wherein they featured the MG "The O". That episode proved that the HobbyLink TV team will run an entire field just for the purpose of entertaining you. I actually felt like panting after seeing that shot...hehehe

Congrats on your 20th Episode HobbyLink TV!, still waiting for part II of the video tour of Fine Molds though. *snicker*