Monday, November 15, 2010

Blood Donation

Blood Donation

I posted a while back that I donated blood to the Red Cross. A couple months have passed already so I'm now able to donate blood again to them. That's because there is a mandatory safe period before you can donate blood again.

As soon as I have time this week I'm going to go schedule a trip to the Red Cross to donate blood, one wherein I have finished all my work and have nothing else to do but to go home. That's because the blood loss from the donation could affect you physically if you do strenuous work afterwards. That's why its very important to monitor yourself after donating blood.

I'm posting this not because I want to show off but rather to appeal to the people who read this blog that if you have the chance to donate blood to go do so. Not everybody can donate blood as the screening is quite strict, so its a Blessing from God if you can.

I donate to the Red Cross because they give you a donor's card afterwards which can be redeemed by you if incase you need blood. Or if you want, you can donate the donor's card to somebody in need of blood so that they can redeem it.

Blood isn't cheap as I found out, one unit of blood costs about $16 in my "parts of the world". And aside from that, blood isn't as easily available depending on the season.