Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Airconditioner Cleaning to Soothe the Soul

Window Type Airconditioner

Spent my free time today cleaning our window type air conditioner. This time is usually spent posting something for this site, but I've been wanting to clean this air conditioner already in order to make it more efficient and in order to cut down on our electricity costs. Would you believe that those fans used to be colored brown?

Time flies so fast, its August already. And August is a special month for all Zeta Gundam Gunpla fans because Master Grade model kit, "the O", is coming out this month.

These past few days has left me soul searching because of a medical emergency. Thankfully not a member of our family. But that event has led me to question the values system of some people. One reason too why posts in this blog had gone erratic.

My family and I had lent a hand to somebody in dire need of medical attention. We're not financially well-off and neither was the person who was in need of help. But thankfully through the generosity of some people, the strength of Prayer and the Mercy of God it saved her from her life threatening illness.

Through this experience I've learned that you can really count on the generosity of strangers and prayers for a miracle. What made me sad however was the thought that some people can easily part with their money to buy expensive stuff online, but not to save a life that they should really have been responsible for. And also how people can easily cast off people (and a life for that matter) if they know that they can get off on a slim technicality for responsibility just so that they can get away from their responsibility. Sad that that is how some people value a life these days.

Am I rambling? Yeah, I guess I am... but I have to admit that it felt good to do some physical activity, like cleaning an air conditioner, in order to take my mind off of these things.