Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Rosetta Nebula

A few weeks back I had subscribed to the RSS feed of NASA's photojournal. Above is a photo of the Rosetta Nebula taken by the Herschel Space Observatory.

Looking at these photos kinda puts things in perspective for me. That there's a lot more things going on in this universe to be worried about than the little inconveniences that come our way. And for our Planet to have survived this long with all the chaos going on around the universe, I can't help but say "Thank You" to God for watching over us.

Case in point, I read before that the benefit of having all these large gas giant planets (Saturn, Jupiter, etc) in our solar system is that whenever there are stray planet killing meteors entering our solar system the large planets stronger gravity attracts them so that they will crash into them instead of the Earth.