Friday, April 2, 2010

Gundam Figure Sale at HLJ


Just recently announced was the extension of Hobby Link Japan's sale of Gundam related figures. Great deals I'm seeing here so hurry up because they might soon run out.

Honestly though, I'm not a figure guy anymore. I tried to give it a shot and was impressed with the Getter line of toys but the VF100 left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus add to that when I stick them next to my 1/100 Gundams and 1/55~1/72 Macross stuff in my display shelf, they kinda get lost in the crowd. But figures are great for sticking in your work area because their size means they won't clutter up the space.

Of course be sure to pack them up in your desk drawer before going home if your work environment is the type that has people that can't be trusted. I have one friend who lost her entire wedding album when she forgot it on her work desk. I mean jeez?!, who the heck would want to keep another person's wedding album as a keepsake?