Sunday, April 11, 2010

Changed My Respirator Mask's Filter

Changed My Particle Respirator's Filter

After about 3 months of using my particle respirator mask I could already start to smell the paint already in the mask. Which is the correct signal for me to buy a new filter because you shouldn't be smelling those paint fumes. Now I realize that it was indeed a good idea to buy the respirator mask locally. Because it will be easy to look for spare filter cartridges.

Just to give you an idea, the one on the left in the picture below is a new filter while the one on the right is the old one. The outside that was once white had turned green already. It actually turned green when I used it while I was testing out some industrial enamel paint on a model kit.

Changed My Particle Respirator's Filter

I took my file and tried to scrape off the particles deposited on the surface of the old filter and it actually came off. The picture on the rightside below will give you an idea of the particles that can be deposited on your lungs if you aren't using a particle filter mask when you are painting your model kit.

Changed My Particle Respirator's Filter

Sheesh, to think that a few months back I was painting my kits without a mask on and was just holding my breath! Aside from using this particle mask I also have some eye protection, in the form of my glasses. But I should really be using those safety goggles that I bought before and not just rely on my glasses. Because although they stop paint from splattering on my eyes, they do squat to prevent the paint in mist form from entering my eyes. Aside from those two I also use disposable gloves when painting and when I'm working with thinner during the painting procedure.

So folks, lets please try to be safe when pursuing this hobby of ours by using the correct safety gear. Oh and be sure to ask for the correct filter when buying a new one for your mask. Get the one that's used for painting.