Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tamiya Sale at Hobby Link Japan

Tamiya Model kit and RC kits Sale at Hobby Link Japan

Hobby Link Japan just announced a sale on Tamiya Products that could have a discount of anywhere between 25% to 60%. I could say that Tamiya is the Toyota of model kit builders. They make kits that fit very well and they've been in the business long enough already to make them an icon.

When I used to build aircraft model kits as a child, I remembered that Tamiya and Hasegawa kits were the only ones that you didn't need any rubberband to wrap around two parts when gluing the parts together, that was because these parts were almost a 100% sure to fit well.

What really got my attention on the sale page was the RC model kits that was on sale. 60% off on the TRF416 and TA05.

It used to be the Tamiya RC kits were the laughing stock of the RC world after the 1/10 scale Hotshot. The Hotshot blew away the competition in the professional RC circuit because it introduced 4WD to 1/10 Off road Buggy racing. Of course the competition caught on and built more efficient off road buggies while Tamiya still continued plodding along in making kits that are joy to build but are in reality the clowns of pro-racing. Eventually though Tamiya decided to be more competitive and built RC kits that were race ready. And that's where the TRF416 and TA05 come in. I think it a long time for them to get to that stage though.

I was still into RC's when the Tamiya came out with the 1/10 Avante, which I eventually got it for Christmas. Based on my opinion, this kit was a signal that Tamiya wanted to be a competitive force in the racing circuit. Kinda like the time that Toyota entered F1 again. It featured a racing engine, ball bearings, light weight design, electronic speed controller, synthetic materials and a simplified transmission design that transmitted motor-to-wheel power more efficiently.

The Avante was fast and light weight but did not fare well in the racing circuit. It also had a weak spot in the rear suspension, wherein the top carbon fibre chassis connecting the rear arm could easily be torn off. Tamiya eventually corrected that with the Egress that was built on the Avante's frame. Of course by that time I already lost interest in RC racing because I was in High School and thought that it would be "uncool" for a girl I liked to find out that I was into RC's *snicker*