Sunday, November 15, 2009

I wonder what this means?

Update (11/17/2009 6:26PM Japan Time): Turns out it is a special sale with free express shipping. There are conditions though. One of which is that you have to buy at least one item included in their "Holiday Countdown Sale", then you have to pay via Paypal Billing Agreement. More details of this offer can be found here and here. This special sale is expected to last till November 21 at midnight Japan time.

If you are into Macross, I see some 1/60 Yamato toys on their sale list that are going for 30% off. Sadly though, no dice on the Gundams I was hoping to see on the list.

Is Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) going on a sale again? I wonder what this means?: special sale with free shipping

I saw this timer countdown on the front page of the Hobby Link Japan's English website when I dropped by for some window shopping. I wonder what it means?
Is Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) going on a sale again? I wonder what this means?

Could it be that they are going on sale again in a few hours? If they are, I wouldn't be surprised. Not with the shellacking they're probably getting right now with HWJapan going on sale for the longest time already then there is the announcement that Amiami has opened their English language site to cater to overseas customers.

HLJ has always been one of my favorite Japanese online shops, since they carry a varied array of inventory that attracts me. Specifically mecha related toys, model kits and the tools needed to build those kits. Lately though I haven't been buying from them because the offers from the other shops made them the logical place to buy from.

Then again it could just be that time of the year when online shops can give huge discounts because of the approaching Christmas season which promises a lot of volume sales.

I was able to get a lot of good stuff during one of HLJ's sale, like a VF-25G Messiah model kit, some Getter toys and a 1/60 VF-1S Super Pack from Yamato. Even without a sale announced, you can always go to HLJ's Sale page to look for items that have been discounted already.