Monday, November 23, 2009

CDJapan Holiday Sales and Coupons

CDJapan Holiday Sales and CouponsReceived this from my email today from CDJapan. A list of promos and coupons that they are offering this month to customers to entice them to buy. That time of the year again when money if overflowing due to bonuses. I just love Christmas season. There's that smell of commerce in the air as people rush to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones.

Here's a list of the specials they are offering

  1. 2009 CDJapan Holiday Offers - top page of CDJapan for their Christmas promos.

  2. 2 Coupon Offers & Extra 3% Points - Receive a 500 yen coupon , Beefed Up coupon, Extra 3% Points

  3. Receive Up to 3,000 Points! NEOLOG Holiday Contest - You must first create a 2009 Holiday Season Shelf in order to enter the contest. With this they are offering up to 3,000 points. This is valid till November 30, 2009 (Japan Time).

  4. CDs & DVDs that are 10% OFF - 10% OFF on CDs released prior to a year and DVDs released prior to half a year. There are some exceptions as not all CD's and DVD's in their inventory are included in this promo. This promo is valid from November 17, 2009 - December 20, 2009 (Japanese Standard Time).

  5. Clearance Sale - some items can go as low as 90% off. Includes Limited Sale of Anime Figures, Collectibles and Apparels.