Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michael Blanc, Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome's voice actors

Was trolling youtube and found this video taken during the 2009 Japanese 3rd Annual Seiyuu (voice actor) awards last March 2009. Megumi Nakajima and Aya Endo, the voices of Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome gave their Thank You speeches and message to the fans in this video. Megumi Nakajima won the best singer award while Aya Endo won best supporting actress, both for their performance in Macross Frontier. Hiroshi Kamiya meanwhile, the voice of Michael Blanc, won best actor award for a different anime.

What was surprising about their messages in this video was that the voice of Aya Endo was quite different from the voice of Sheryl Nome in the Macross Frontier. Unlike Megumi Nakajima and Michael Blanc who in real life sounds like their online persona, Aya Endo went to great steps to change the tone of her voice in order to bring Intergalactic diva Sheryl Nome to life. Just goes to show what a versatile voice actress she is.

Didn't bother to translate Aya Endo's message but did catch a snippet about the voicing being difficult, or something to that effect.

You can catch Megumi Nakajima's speech at the 1:55 mark, Aya Endo's at the 3:26 mark, while Hiroshi Kamiya is at the 6:56 mark.