Wednesday, September 23, 2009

May'n is Sheryl Nome

May'n is Sheryl NomeIf Aya Endo is Sheryl Nome, then May Nakabayashi is also Sheryl Nome, well the singing voice perhaps.

More popularly known by her stage name "May'n", this young girl is just a foot shy of turning twenty, having been born on October 21, 1989. Yet her age does not show with the way she has brought to life the powerful stage presence of the Intergalactic Fairy, Sheryl Nome.

With her command of the mike she can make you be enamored with Sheryl's flirtatious and sultry way of singing, make you feel the intensity of the action with the rhythm of her song. Yet at the drop of the bucket she can convey to you the sadness of the message with the tone of her voice.

The production staff of Macross Frontier had picked a winner when they chose her to be Sheryl Nome's singing voice. Add to that, Yokko Kano's composition and the formula was complete in making sure that the music of the series helped set the mood and immerse the viewer into the storyline.

Posted below are some videos of May'n live in concert singing the songs of Macross Frontier. My personal favorite was the way she sang Diamond Crevasse.

In the words of Sheryl Nome "Atashi no Uta Kike!"

I even found a video of her having a duet with Yoshiki Fukuyuma, the singing voice of Basara Nekki.

Another of my favorite Sheryl Nome song is Welcome to my Fan's Club night. Specifically because it was used as the soundtrack for the Macross 25th Anniversary special VF Airshow video, check it out right after this one and be sure to take note of Alto's Corkscrew maneuver that Luca Angeloni was always wanting to see. You can find it at the 0:56 and and 1:15 mark of video.