Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hobby Link Japan 2009 Sale Part II

Update: Just finished looking through the stuff for sale. Didn't see anything there that I liked, no Gundam Master Grades in particular. Guess they really did run out of stock from their initial announcement. This is making me regret not snatching up those MG's when they were still available at half the price.

Hobby Link Japan 2009 Sale Part IIHobby Link Japan has announced another special sale on their site to begin on June 1, 2009 (Japan Time). They said that HLJ's 1st anniversary sale went so well that they decided to repeat it.

has had such a huge response, a good many goodies have sold out even before June could get here! So we've decided to add still more great loot in Part 2 of this sale, starting June 1

This looks more like a restocking though, since in the original announcement the sale was supposed to have lasted till June 19th. I noticed also that once the stocks ran out the item would go back to its original price.

I ordered some items during their May 12 sale but it has yet to arrive. This time I just went for SAL instead of EMS. Once their order comes through, I'll probably be ordering from them again. What I like about them is that they carry a lot of inventory, especially on scale modelling. Unlike the other sites which stick mostly to Toys and Figures.

It took a while however before they got to acknowledging my order. I guess it is to be expected because the volume of orders they were getting should be quite huge given the sale.

Off the bat though, their system for processing orders is quite archaic and tedious. Mostly because you have to send the money directly to the owner of HLJ by typing in his email address at paypal, instead of the site automatically making a request for payment from you (if you are paying by paypal). I would be nice if they invest in a good e-commerce system in their website.

If this goes through it might stall my plans to try ordering again from Anime-Export. I'm thinking of giving them another shot since the first time I ordered from them I had to cancel because they took too long to process it. I am assuming that the reason behind that is because I ordered during the Golden Week season and they probably got swamped with orders. I'm such a nice guy because I believe in second chances *snicker*