Thursday, April 16, 2009

Macross 7 Flower Girl

There is this long running joke in Macross 7. The unamed young girl dressed in a beautiful white dress who likes to hang around Fire Bomber's concerts and practice place waiting for the chance to give Basara Nekki a bouquet of flowers. Of course the joke there is that she always comes close to giving it to Basara but something always comes up for her to fail doing so. Like somebody coming up suddenly to talk to Basara (Mylene Jenius usually)

Macross 7 Basara Nekki Fan Flower Girl

Some of the funny scenes with her and Basara are:

  1. Ep 15, she see's the walking Basara and just when she gets close the girl member's of Rex's biker gang beat her to him and ask him to teach them how to fly a Valkyrie. This was the episode where Mayor Milia tries to drum up a civilian force to help defend City7 after it was folded out away from its Military escort.

  2. Ep 19, rushing the security barricade she runs to Basara who makes a right into a corridor. In her haste she bangs into another artist who thinks that its for him, gets it and gives his thanks.

  3. She comes close to giving it to Basara in one concert, but a Sivil possesed Rex grabs it from her and gives it to Basara instead.

  4. She alights from a taxi then Fire Bomber rushes in the taxi forcing her to leave the flowers in there. Just when you think that she had succeeded indirectly, Basara stops the taxi and hands her back the flowers telling her that she forgot something.

  5. Ep 28, Dr. Chiba's car comes between her and Basara. An alighted Dr. Chiba thinks that the flower are for him. Flower girl runs away before he can get them.

I used to think that she was a rich girl considering that she always had flowers to give and a nice white dress on all the time. Turns out in episode 16 it was shown that she just picks the flowers up from the parks around Macross 7. This was shown when rescued brain washed Varauta pilot, Irina Hayakawa, came up to her because she was playing Fire Bomber's songs on her radio while picking flowers.
Macross 7 Basara Nekki Fan Flower Girl
The joke of course finally ends with her being able to give to Basara the bouquet. This happens on the last episode of the show where she tosses the bouquet to Basara who is on a glider flying above his fans towards his VF-19. He catches the bouquet and lays it inside his Battloid before flying off.

I'm not sure what her age is but I guess it is quite young, maybe less than 16 years old. She was shown in the Macross Encore video blushing when Basara Nekki said to Miria that Mylene was too young for her.

In the ending credits she is seen sitting on a park bench beside Miria's hulking body guard, Michael. So I guess it is implied that eventually there is something going to happen between them.