Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 7: Summer Accident

Macross 7 - Ep 7: Summer AccidentFire Bomber, due to Mylene's initiative, has been able to land a gig on the Riviera, one of the ships of the Macross 7 fleet. The Riviera houses an artificial beach and is the summer resort of the fleet. Aside from containing leisure water activities, it is also home to the aquaculture industry of Macross 7 which provides the fleet with fish and other aquatic products.

Basara however doesn't like the fact that they have to perform on the ship, because he doesn't like performing in front of people on vacation because he feels that they're just there to waste time. Mylene however scolds him because they need this gig to pay back the damage to the rental shuttle that was damaged because of Basara.

Their conversation is cut short when Michael, Milia's bodyguard, pulls up in the Mayor's car to pick them up. While riding in the Mayor's car, Mylene asks why he is there. Michael answers that the Mayor had been worried about her, so she assigned him to watch over her, to the consternation of Mylene. Mylene then reveals that the gig had come from her mother so she has no choice either.

On the bridge, Sally reports that additional VF-11B Valkyries have been assigned to provide protection to the Macross 7 ships Einstein (Research and Development), Riviera (Recreation), Three Star (Manufacturing), and Iowa (Food Production)

The band however isn't having any luck in improving the faces of their audience. The band is playing in front of a crowd of people dressed in formal wear and were probably hoping to be entertained by music more suited to their attire. Only Flower Girl, with her trademarked bouquet of flowers, seems to be enjoying the gig.

After the set Mylene scolds Basara for playing fast songs when they were supposed to be playing slow ones. Basara however tells her that he'll sing whatever he wants to, Mylene fires back by telling him that Fire Bomber isn't just his band. Basara blames her then for getting this gig while Mylene tells her that he's irresponsible and selfish. Ray comes right in to calm both of them down by telling them that they should all go out for a swim.

Macross 7 - Ep 7: Summer AccidentMylene goes swimming and water skiing, Basara takes a nap together with Guvava, Ray gets some fishing done while Veffidas turns some cans into drums and starts pounding on the beach.

Mylene eventually meets up with Gamlin who was waiting in one of the restaurants reading a book. Unknown to them is that Michael is spying on them on the orders of Milia. In the course of smalltalk Gamlin asks her how her schoolwork is going but she parries the questions by telling him she would rather listen to stories about him.

Gamlin talks about Basara and how he is a such a disturbance during battles with his singing. Fresh from her fight with Basara, Mylene understands who Gamlin is referring to and encourages Gamlin to beat the crap out of him. Gamlin however tells her that he thinks that is an extreme thing to do.

Gamlin asks Mylene if she would like to have dinner tonight. As she decides her answer, Veffidas comes up from behind her and playfully slaps her on the back of her head. Gamlin asks who that woman was but she tells him that she was her Senpai in school. Senpai is a mentor to a junior man or in Japanese terms would be referred to as Kohai. Mylene excuses her self and runs off to Veffidas.

Gigil's cruiser de-folds near Riviera and proceeds to attack the ship to harvest Spiritia. Their initial salvo is quite effective, that it knocks off some of the environmental controls of the ship leaving some areas to freeze off and atmospheric pressure to drop. The ship is forced to put up the walls of some compartments and close the dome.

In the confusion of the evacuation, Gamlin tries to find Mylene. He sees her talking to Basara. Before he can approach her he gets contacted by Lt. Kinyruu, his commanding officer in Diamond Force. Kinyruu orders him to take one of the VF-11B's stationed in Riviera and to use it to defend the ship. Also that his vacation has now effectively been cancelled.

Basara gives Guvava to Mylene. Mylene asks if he is going to fly out again and sing and Basara tells her yes. Guvava however gets knocked out of her hand by one of the running people and he runs off in the wrong direction. Mylene and Basara run after him and catch him, but in the process gets trapped in between one of the closing bulkheads. The sealed off area that Basara and Mylene are in starts to freeze.

In the sealed compartment, Mylene and Basara start to argue on whose fault it was they got trapped here. Basara blames her for having to have played in this place while Mylene returns the favor by blaming him for ruining the concert. Mylene then tells him off further by saying that he is selfish, irresponsible and thinks only about himself. They suddenly stop fighting because of the extreme cold.

In the other compartment where the evacuees have gone to, Flower Girl's flowers have been crushed by the stampeding citizens. Ray hears from Veffidas that Basara and Mylene are nowhere to be found in the area.

To fight off the cold, Basara tells Mylene to sing. Mylene eventually agrees with Basara's plan and starts joining in on his song. Eventually Basara notices a hatch on the ceiling and he gets in it and with it is able to reach his Valkyrie in the ships hangar. He uses his pin point barrier to reinforce the fists of his Battloid and breaks down the bulkheads to get to Mylene. As she collapses to the floor she sees Basara's Battloid breaking into the chamber. She wakes up in the cockpit of Basara's Battloid.

The enemy cruiser retreats from the battle. The bridge operator of the Riviera reports to the captain that the backup environmental controls are in place. The bulkheads and the dome is soon lowered back into place and the temperature goes back to normal.

Mylene enjoys a warm drink in their room together with Basara, Ray and Veffidas. The manager of the show knocks at their door and tells them that the crowd enjoyed their performance and want them to come back again.

As Gamlin walks back from his fighter he ponders to himself, why Basara and Mylene were together.

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