Saturday, April 25, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 5: Spirit Girl

Macross 7 - Ep 5: Spirit GirlMylene and Basara are heading back to Akusho in her red sports car bringing groceries. Behind them is a pack of motorcycles. While driving, Mylene constantly questions Basara why he likes going out during battles and singing in the middle of it. Especially since its dangerous and nobody actually listens to his songs. She also points out that if it is to advertise the band, there are other and more safer ways of advertising to the public. She asks Basara to explain to her, but Basara just tells her that she doesn't understand and that he'll sing whenever he wants to.

Mylene suddenly makes a turn and the biker gang stops and chases after them. Overhead, Michael and another bodyguard are flying and watching over Mylene. Michael reports to Milia that Mylene is with Basara and everything is going Ok. The bodyguard however points out that somebody seems to be following them. As Michael puts down the phone he tells the driver that there is no way he's telling Milia that somebody is chasing after Mylene right now. He bops the driver when he tells him that he's lost track of Mylene while he was on the phone with Milia.

Mylene parks the car near the apartment and asks Basara if he thinks that they were able to escape the gang following them. Basara thinks not then the biker gang appears in front of them. 3 female bikers unmount their rides and one of them tells them that they were crazy to think that they were able to get away from them. I don't understand why a gang would get mad over something as trivial as this, unless this is a past time of the gang, to harass drivers on the street.

The gang teases them that they are lover's out on a drive and are having a lover's quarrell, but Mylene says that they're just band mates. Basara tries to invite them to listen to their band play but one of them says that the sound of the motorcycle is all she needs to hear.

She eventually gets pissed at Basara and tries to kick him, Basara however grabs her and rides with her on her motorcycle. Basara does the unbelievable thing of riding the motorcycle up a wall. As the motorcycle lands on the ground, the biker girl gets off and grabs a pipe to beat Basara up with. Rex, their leader arrives and tells her to stop. Rex tells her not to waste her time with a man who likes little girls. Basara teases the biker girl that she has a nice bike, but a good driver could make it better. Rex tells him not to tease her gang member because she can beat him up. They then drive off and leave Mylene and Basara alone.

We find out that the reason for the groceries was for a barbecue and welcoming party for Mylene. Ray tells them that this is the only time they had to formally welcome Mylene to the band because they had been busy with concerts. Along with this came the announcement that they have another event at Three Star, the factory ship of the fleet. They had been invited after the organizers at Three Star saw Basara's performance at the Galaxy Network. Mylene says that Basara's advertising had paid off.

Fire Bomber is on a shuttle heading towards Three Star. Mylene worries about how they can pay for the shuttle rental but Ray tells her not to worry as they are being paid for their performance this time. Veffidas accidentally hits the tv switch and it suddenly comes alive with the news that the number of vampire victims had swelled to 35 already.

Max is in a video conference with the Macross 7 military council. One of the officers inform him that the fighters who have been attacking them bear a striking resemblance to the fighters that belonged to the expeditionary force that investigated the Varauta System. That expeditionary force had been reported lost. Max wonders out loud if an alien race had gotten hold of their fighters. The council recommends to send out another team to investigate the Varauta system.

They ask Max what was the response of Earth Headquarters to their situation report. Max answers that they told him to handle it by themselves. They show disgust for the lack of help from their home base. Max is reluctant to announce the alien presence to the City because it might send people out into a panic.

Gamlin is seen talking with Mayor Milia. As she leaves, Gamlin stands up and salutes her. His squadron leader, Kinryuu approaches him and asks him why he was talking to the Mayor. Gamlin tells him that Milia was once her flight instructor. He notices a picture in front of Gamlin and picks it up. Kinyruu notices that its Mylene, the Mayor and the Captain's daughter. Gamlin however defensively answers that she's not his type and that she's young. Kinyruu however encourages him to go out with her. He tells him that he'll think about it more.

The ships of Macross 7 are connected by an energy highway, known as Milky Road, which allow vehicles capable of operating in space to crisscross between the ships. Rex and her biker gang are riding recklessly on it by playing chicken with the incoming traffic. Ray notices it and comments to the rest of the band that one of these days those guys are going to get into an accident. Basara suddenly gets up, puts on a space suit, gets on a scooter from the shuttle then chases after them. He plays chicken with a truck to impress Rex and her gang. The ploy seemed to have worked as Rex tells them that they're attending Fire Bomber's concert.

As Fire Bomber plays Mylene notes to Basara that crowd seems to be quite few. Basara however tells her that it doesn't matter. Just then Rex's gang comes in with their motorcycles and bully's the crowd and Fire Bomber to leave. When the crowd comes to the defense of Fire Bomber one of the females in the gang fires a flare gun into the air, forcing the crowd to hold back.

Basara however just asks them to listen to his song. One of the biker girls boasts that those who listen to music are cowards and that the gang's core philosophy is to live for the moment. This explains why they like doing dangerous stuff. Rex tells Basara if he's willing to die for his chance to sing. Their conversation is interrupted by the attack alarm sounding off.

An enemy ship defolds near Three Star and proceeds to attack the ship. Enemy Battloids break the ship's windows and proceeds to attack the city inside.

Basara jumps off the stage and picks up his Battloid from the shuttle and flies off to play his music again in front of the enemy. The biker gang is surprised with the knowledge that Basara is the one piloting the Red Valkyrie into battle.

One of the enemy Battloids chases after Basara but crashes into the band's rented shuttle. Ray cringes with thought of what just happened.

The biker gang continues watching Basara dodge the enemy Battloid and are impressed that he is risking his life for the chance to play his music in front of the enemy. Just then an enemy battloid lands in front of them. The gang gets on their motorcycles and run away but the Battloid chases after them. Basara puts himself between the gang and the enemy battloid. He uses his pin point barrier to deflect the enemy's fire.

Rex and her gang stops to watch Basara again. Another enemy battloid lands in front of them and Rex yells for her other members to escape. Ray contacts Basara and tells him to use slider 52. A missile pops out from the Battloid's leg and cuts off the enemy Battloid's arm. The Battloid Basara was defending against knocks him down with a kick and goes after Rex's gang. Basara once again uses Slider 52 to fire a rocket and cut off the Battloid's arm.

The battle ends however with the enemy's retreat. Basara is mad at himself however for having used force again during the battle. He climbs down his Battloid and heads towards the gang, who by this time have been knocked off from their rides by the force of the explosions.

Basara asks them if they are ok, Rex reciprocates, noticing the gash he suffered on his shoulder after the enemy battloid knocked him over. Basara belittles the wound as just a scratch. Rex commends Basara, but he thinks that its because his song got to her, she answers however that its because of she's impressed with his passion for his craft.

Rex removes her helmet for the first time during the episode and reveals her very pretty face. She tells him not to be disappointed that he wasn't able to impress her with his singing, then plants a kiss on Basara's lips. This leaves her gang embarrassed as she also Thanks Basara for saving them.

Mylene arrives just in time to see Basara being kissed by Rex then she hides behind something and watches the two of them.

Rex says goodbye and Basara tells her to go see their concert. Rex however says that she can't promise anything.

Although Mylene looks surprised, it is Guvava who shows displeasure at what just happened between Rex and Basara. In traditional Macross form, the love triangle between Rex, Basara and Mylene is first shown in this episode and will form the subplots for the succeeding episodes conflicts.

Ray is depressed as he looks at the damage the battle had caused to their rented shuttle, knowing that they're going to have to pay for it. Basara lands his Battloid next to him and asks him about the missiles. Ray tells them that he got them through the military, but Basara asked him how come his Battloid had missiles in them. Ray just answers because they went with the Battloid.

Ray changes the topic by telling him that he has to fly the Battloid back by himself to Akusho because it won't fit in the damaged shuttle. He also asks whether he can fly it by himself with that wound on his arm. Basara answers in the affirmative but Mylene hops in the cockpit with him and offers to fly the Valkyrie for him.

Mylene asks him why the controls were modified to be that of a guitar. Basara doesnt answer and just asks her how come she knows how to fly a Valkyrie, Mylene answers its because both her parents were Ace pilots. Basara also asks why Guvava is looking at him angrily then he asks why she has to sing while she's flying. Mylene returns the question with a popular Basara comeback: I'll sing whenever I want to.

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