Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 49: A Voice Reaching Across The Galaxy

Macross 7 - Ep 49: A Voice Reaching Across The GalaxyThe last episode of Macross 7 starts with inter-spaced shots between the young guitar-clad Basara Nekki screaming at a mountain in the middle of a storm and Battle 7 receiving heavy damage from the energy beam of the expanding Lord Gepernich. The pinpoint barrier is not enough to hold back the energy and starts collapsing.

Max orders everybody in Battle 7 to abandon ship. The entire Macross 7 fleet suddenly fold's-out on the planet's surface near Battle 7. Lord Gepernich might have been responsible for this as Milia gets up from her bed and demands to know what is happening from Michael. Ray tells Mylene to fly to the City 7 to protect it. Mylene starts singing and erects a sound energy barrier to deflect the attacks on City 7.

Survivors of Battle 7 ride out in APC's. The bridge officer's wonder where Max is, little do they know that he had already taken off in his VF-22 to attack Gepernich. Goram and Zomd duel with him.

Lord Gepernich screams that his plans for a Spiritia Farm have ended because his uncontrollable expanding body is sucking in all the ships of the Macross 7 fleet. Gavil duels with Docker of Emerald Force. Docker fires his Spiritia Absorption gun and hits but Gavil counter attacks and destroys his VF-19. As Max duels with the two protodevlin, Milia joins him in her own VF-22.

Gravil's energy is too much for Mylene and it knocks her out along with her sound energy barrier that is protecting City 7. Gravil hits her again and Ray catches her. Mylene is winded from the attack and Ray's temper flares at Gravil for hurting a very important member of Fire Bomber. Mylene's Valkyrie is severely damaged, lost are her Sound Boosters, an arm and the head.

Ray tells Veffidas to have a go at it and Veffidas' drumming creates enough sound energy to repel Gravil. Dr. Chiba is surprised with the level of sound energy being generated by Veffidas' drumming. Gavil tries to come in and help Gravil but Gamlin scares him off. Ray tells Gamlin to take care of Mylene as they take care of the protodevlins. Mylene insists on singing but Gamlin tells her that her Valkyrie cannot take anymore damage.

On City 7 Mylene heads straight to the unconscious Basara with Gamlin in tow. She is angry and screams at Basara to wake up then starts crying. Akiko, Rex and the rest of her biker gang watch on.

Gamlin starts singing one of Basara's songs. Mylene smiles and joins in on the singing. Basara starts moving his lips then sits up. He asks what's wrong with everybody and why they look like they just saw somebody die. Mylene jumps at him and they both fall off the bed.

Basara greets Gamlin and Gamlin tells Basara that he finally got him to sing. A member of Rex's gang alerts them to the crowd of people outside the hospital who have been also singing one of Basara's song to him. Even Flower Girl is seen singing along with them.

Basara heads on to the top of the hospital and apologizes to everybody for being late. He hops on a hang glider and flies towards his Battloid behind the crowd. Flower Girl see's this as her chance and she runs quickly along side the glider then tosses the bouquet at him. Basara catches the bouquet in his hand and lands on the Battloid. He puts the bouquet in his Battloid then flies off.

The Jamming Birds also join the battle but their singing has no effect on the enemy. Max and Milia fire reaction weapons at Gepernich but it has no effect.

Gepernich expands further and his tentacles starts grabbing even Goram and Zomd and absorbing their Spiritia. Gavil merges with Gravil and asks for Gepernich to stop. But Gepernich says that it is already too late as he had started feeding already. Gavil/Gravil says that Gepernich is starting to become a Spiritia black hole already. Gepernich asks himself why it ended up this way. Gavil/Gravil retreat to escape Gepernich's tentacles.

Gepernich's tentacles grabs hold of the Einstein ship and absorbs the spiritia of its inhabitants, including Exsedol who was in there. As Exsedol collapses from the Spiritia drain he wonders if this is the end already. Then he hears Basara singing.

Basara and Gamlin fly out to the battle with Mylene sitting on Gamlin's lap. Gamlin asks one of the Jamming Birds planes to trade places with him. As they switch places he asks the pilot to take good care of his VF-17D. Sivil, still locked in her hibernation chamber, hears Basara singing then she bangs at the walls of her chamber.

Gamlin and Mylene meet up with the rest of the Jamming Birds and Mylene asks them to sing with all their heart. With their singing they are able to form a sound energy barrier to protect City 7 once more.

Gepernich however says that it is too late as even the Anima Spiritia cannot stop this. Black energy bolts fire from him and Gepernich starts to drain all the Spiritia from the living beings around him. Max and Milia join in on the singing in attempt to fight off Gepernich. Even Dr. Chiba starts singing in as well.

The flowers, given by Flower Girl, in Basara's Battloid starts whithering. Guvava collapses and Mylene starts to collapse from the Spiritia drain. Only Basara is left singing as Max, Milia, Dr. Chiba, Ray and Veffidas have already lost consciousness.

Basara finally gives out and his Sound Energy Barrier collapses. A tentacle from Gepernich pierces his Battloid and Gepernich laughs hysterically. Gavil watches from a distance from the planet and he says that it is finished as the darkness of Gepernich starts to envelope the universe.

Sivil in her chamber tells herself that she can no longer hear Basara's singing. She tries to fire Spiritia to break the chamber but finds that she hasn't enough energy. She starts to sing one of Basara's songs then notices Spiritia glowing from her body.

In his Battloid, Basara wonders what it was about that Mountain that he'd visit everyday when he was young. That he would sing to it and tell it that he would make it move. He starts to sing and with it regains his strength. He screams for the mountain and the universe to listen to his song. Sound Energy once again flows from his Battloid and he flies closer to Gepernich. The flowers in his cockpit slowly come alive again.

Ray, Veffidas, Mylene and Exsedol hears his singing and slowly regains consciousness. As Basara flies towards Gepernich he hits one of his tentacles and his Battloid disintegrates around him. Sivil saves Basara and surrounds him in her energy shell.

She flies towards Gepernich and tells him that she will destroy him. Gepernich tells her that it is too late because his dream had already ended and that she cannot stop his expanding darkness. She fires at Gepernich but they do not penetrate his darkness.

Sivil stops firing and Gepernich asks her if she had accepted already that what she is doing is useless. Sivil looks at Basara and calls out his name. Sivil starts singing with Basara. Gepernich shudders and wonders what it is that he is feeling with Basara and Sivil singing together. The tentacles of Gepernich around Sivil starts to weaken.

Just then Gepernich joins in the singing. Gepernich starts creating Spiritia from his own body. He realizes that in his own darkness he is able to create Spiritia by singing and he finally is able to feel the joy of creating his own Spiritia. The darkness and tentacles surrounding Gepernich slowly dissipates. Gavil/Gravil flies back to Gepernich after seeing the disappearing darkness.

Sivil, Basara and the now human sized Gepernich lands on the planet's surface. Basara tells Gepernich that his singing wasn't bad. Gepernich tells Basara that it was only now he realized that Anima Spiritia exists in himself as well, it was the piece of the puzzle that his dream lacked. Gavil/Gravil arrives and calls out to Lord Gepernich.

Gepernich flies out to them and tells them that they have no need of this Galaxy anymore because he has realized that their dream of a Spiritia Paradise can be reached by singing. Gepernich and Gavil/Gravil fly away. Sivil chases after them, but turns back and tells Basara that she will never forget his song. Sivil fly's off again after the protodevlin.

Ray, Veffidas and Mylene approach Basara. Ray tells Basara that he had a good stage for his singing. Basara smiles, Mylene calls out his name then Basara says that he hears the Galaxy singing.

As the credits role for the final episode you can see the bridge ladies getting out of the APC. Dr. Chiba stands by one APC. Gamlin, the rest of Diamond Force and some other people try to help pull out Docker from his crashed VF-19. Max and Miria look at each affectionately from the separate open cockpits of their VF-22's. Akiko, Rex and her biker gang help tend to the wounded of City 7. Michael and the Flower girl sit on opposite ends of a bench that they have all to themselves. Fire Bomber walks past some Battloids with Mylene talking to Basara and him not seeming to mind her. The episode ends with a shot of Guvava sitting on a cliff looking at the sunrise.

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