Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 48: Mylene's Tears

Macross 7 - Ep 48: Mylene's TearsRex and her biker gang are driving across the elevated highways of Macross 7. Flower Girl is standing outside the hospital with a bouquet of flowers. Gamlin stands by Mylene as she sings to the comatosed Basara. Rex arrives and watches Basara through a window of the intensive care unit. Guvava is crying on Mylene's shoulder. Gamlin wants to hold Mylene's shoulder to comfort her but stops midway. Ray whispers to Basara that its against their agreement that he die ahead of him.

Ray remembers the time that he was stumbling drunkenly. He see's a young Basara Nekki walking by, carrying a guitar very much larger than him on his back. Ray tells him that their dream together still hasn't been accomplished.

Mylene kneels beside Basara and tells him to wake up and to sing. Gamlin is irked with Mylene's display and walks out, he punches the wall and tells himself that he is bad for feeling jealous at this time when Basara is hanging on for dear life.

At the 4th planet of the Varauta System, Gepernich merges with his protodevlin body and he screams out Anima Spiritia. His entire body bursts out from the protodevlin base. Gavil and the rest of the protodevlin are elated with the awakening. Gavil says that they will need more Spiritia in order for Gepernich to truly awaken.

Exsedol discovers something about Gepernich while researching the materials from the protoculture ruins. He informs Max that the true form of Gepernich is that of a Spiritia Black Hole that absorbs all the Spiritia in the Galaxy like what happened 500,000 years ago during the time of the Protoculture. This will happen once Gepernich wakes up.

Max however thinks that it doesn't make sense because if they drain all the Spiritia from the universe then they too will cease to exist. Exsedol answers that its probably the reason why they sought to establish the Spiritia Farm in the first place. Exsedol says that Macross 7 might have to make the choice of sacrificing itself for the Spiritia Farm for the sake of the Galaxy.

Dr. Chiba interrupts the conversation by saying that this might be the best time to try out the Sound Buster. Dr. Chiba explains that Anima Spiritia is a higher form of Spiritia that hurts the protodevlin. And if Basara indeed possesses Anima Spiritia then they could use him to seal the protodevlin once again in their hibernating state.

Sound Buster consists of modifying the Macross Cannon to fire Anima Spiritia sound energy across a space fold. Once hit, the body of the protodevlins will break down to their cellular structure. Max comments that the problem now is that Basara is unconscious. Exsedol says that they can only hope that Basara wakes up from his coma.

Gavil leads a flight of fighters to attack Macross 7 and steal Spiritia for Lord Gepernich.

Gamlin scrambles but is surprised to see Barton overseeing modifications to his VF-17D, by adding another gun to his arsenal. Barton explains that they discovered the Spiritia Absorbing device in the protodevlin Battloid that Stargazer brought back and modified it so that it can be used against them. Emerald Force, some other Battloids and his Battloid have been fitted with this new weapon. Barton tells him that the fate of Macross 7 is in their hands. Gamlin salutes him before lifting off.

Mylene leaves Basara's room to scramble but Rex stops her. She asks him why she is scrambling when Basara needs her to sing to him now and that he could die. Mylene tells her that she has to sing and that she will sing too for Basara. Rex sheds tears as Mylene leaves.

Mylene goes one-on-one with Grabil and Gamlin comes in to help her by firing the Spiritia absorbing gun at him. Gavil comes in to attack Gamlin but Mylene fires her sound energy to force him away. Gamlin tells her to move back because it is dangerous to be firing at such close a range from the enemy. Gamlin still feels guilt for being jealous at Basara and thinks that he can make up for it by killing at least one protodevlin.

Goram and Zomd suddenly fold in the midst of the Macross 7 fleet and they teleport one of the islands of the fleet away with them. The protodevlin retreat having succeeded with their true objective. Max laments that the protodevlin now have enough Spiritia to awaken Gepernich. A check of Basara's condition reveals that he is still in a near death state.

Mylene contacts Max and tells him that she will sing and to send out the Sound Buster. Max however thinks that she can't do it and Mylene objects by saying the Fire Bomber is her life and that if she doesn't sing she might lose everything that's important to her. Max teases her that her explanation is bordering on overacting but tells her to sing her heart out.

Dr. Chiba tells them that the effectivity of the Gun Buster is at less than 77% so they have to fire from very close range to compensate. Max agrees and orders Battle 7 to separate from City 7 and to begin fold operations to the 4th planet of the Varauta System. Exsedol contacts Max and asks him if he plans to fold into enemy territory once again, Max tells him yes and that this will be the last time.

Battle 7 folds out into the orbit of the 4th planet of the Varauta system and proceeds to transform and descend to the surface. A pistol grip emerges in front of Max which will allow him to aim and fire the main gun.

Docker tells Gamlin to protect Sound Force while they take care of the rest and if something should happen to Mylene he will have to answer to him. Docker takes on Gravil and fires his Spiritia absorption gun to make him whither.

Gamlin protects Mylene from the swarm of Missles and confesses to her in the heat of battle that he had been jealous of Basara the last time.

Max informs them that he will fire the main gun upon landing on the surface of the planet. Sound Force and Gamlin land at the tip of the Macross Canon.

Mylene holds on to the ring that Gamlin gave her that hangs around her neck. She tells Gamlin that she likes him a lot but that she too also likes Basara, before she can continue Gamlin stops her by saying that its ok and that its more important for her to sing right now and to sing for Basara too. Mylene tells the unconscious Basara to listen to her song before she starts singing.

Dr. Chiba notices that Mylene's song energy is enough to power the Sound Buster. Max fires the cannon and hits Gepernich. Gepernich is surprised by the attack, Max orders another firing of the Sound Buster. Dr. Chiba confirms that Mylene's energy is enough to power to main gun again.

Gavil and Gravil attack Mylene to prevent the attack. Gravil's beam however does not penetrate the sound energy barrier of Mylene. Gamlin fires his Spiritia absorption gun at Gravil but Gavil takes the hit instead and fires back at Gamlin forcing him to dodge. Gravil's energy beam pushes Mylene a bit back but she still holds on.

Akiko and Rex hear Basara mumble Mylene's name. Basara tells Mylene to sing from her heart and her singing repels Gravils beam. Max fires the Sound Buster again and hits Gepernich. Gepernich starts to shrink from the attacks.

Max orders a third firing of the Sound Buster but the system starts overloading. Dr. Chiba confirms that they have reached their limit. The macross canon explodes in Battle 7's hands. Mylene gets thrown off but Gamlin dives in to catch her.

Gepernich screams, what is happening, as hands start emerging from his black hole form. Gepernich once again increases in size but his growth is out of control. Gavil and Gravil echo the danger as Lord Gepernich has no control over his body anymore. Lord Gepernich screams out that this will lead to the destruction of his Spiritia Dreaming plans.

Dr. Chiba detects an unknown power from Gepernich as Gepernich explodes with energy.