Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 47: Death of Basara

Macross 7 - Episode 47: Death of BasaraAt the start of the show the origins of the Protodevlin were explained once again. They came from another dimension and that they consumed so much Spiritia in this universe that it almost ran out. With the scarcity of Spiritia they were weakened. The protoculture used the force known as Anima Spiritia to prison them in the 4th planet of the Varauta system.

There are 7 protodevlin's in existence in the Universe. Valgo was destroyed by Gigil. While Gigil, in the process of killing Valgo to save Sivil, used up all his energy and died. Gavil and Gravil are found to be one being. Sivil is a protodevlin that acts separately from the rest of the protodevlins. Lord Gepernich is the one that leads.

In the previous episodes, tackling the discovery of the Protoculture ruins. It was found out that the seven bodies occupied by the protodevlin in this universe are known as "Evil" and were developed by the protoculture to combat their Zentrandi creations who had rebelled against them. The protodevlin had possessed these bodies to make it their own.

Lord Gepernich uses the Spiritia from the Macross 5 citizens to reawaken two protodevlins, Goram and Zomd. Gepernich orders them to capture the Anima Spiritia (Basara Nekki of Fire Bomber) and to bring it before him.

Fire Bomber is having a concert and their music is being piped in to the two Diamond Force pilots who were robbed of Spiritia by the Gavil possessed Gamlin. Gamlin apologises to the two comatosed pilots for having allowed himself to be possessed.

Max visits the recovering Milia. Max asks her how she's feeling and she says she's feeling fine. He tells her to take it easy till she recovers. He brings her some flowers and tells her how very pretty she looks today. Milia asks him if she's fine and if she feels tired. Max is surprised by this display of affection from Milia then tells her that there is something that he's been wanting to tell her. Before he can begin they get interrupted by a message from bridge operator Miho Miho that the protodevlin have been spotted near Macross 7.

Max orders the launch of Emerald force and other squadrons and says that he will head for the bridge soon. Max apologises to Milia for having to leave. As Max leaves Miria says the Japanese word Itterasshai, which is usually a goodbye greeting by the mother of the house to every family member that leaves.

Fire Bomber end their concert and scramble to meet the protodevlin. Docker has two new wing men in Emerald Force as the two old members perished during operation Star Gazer. Goram and Zomd laugh at them when they fire their weapons at them as they have no effect. Max orders the fighters to draw the two within firing range of the fleet's reaction weapons.

As Sound Force approaches, Goram and Zomd suddenly teleports the Macross 5 citizens encased in the Spiritia collecting structure in front of them. Sound Energy from Basara hits them and hurts them but in the process it also recharges the Spiritia of the Macross 5 citizens and brings them back to life. The Spiritia collector then drains them of their energy and feeds it to Goram and Zomd. Goram and Zomd increase in size with the consumption of the Spiritia. They then fire energy bolts that destroy a lot of ships in the Macross 7 fleet.

Gavil watches with Lord Gepernich in his flag ship. He congratulates Gepernich for his brilliant tactic.

Gamlin contacts Max on the bridge and asks for permission to use fold boosters to rescue the Macross 5 citizens and in the process make reparations for the damage he had done when he was possessed by Gavil. Max agrees and Exsedol tells him that Gamlin will need at least 4 fold boosters to accomplish what he is intending. Max orders Emerald Force to help him.

Max orders the reaction weapons to be prepared to fire once Gamlin has succeeded in the rescue fold operation. The four Valkyries (Gamlin and Emerald Force) carry at least 4 fold boosters under each arm and fly off from the hanger. As they approach the protodevlin, Gamlin fires rockets towards a large asteroid to explode it.

They hide behind the debris of the asteroid to in order to mask their approach. Goram and Zomd start shooting at the asteroids. Docker and Gamlin are able to dodge the fire but the two new Emerald Force pilots get hit and die. This gets Docker fired up and he starts attacking the protodevlin.

Gamlin shouts for him to prioritize the mission. Docker gathers his wits and starts performing the mission. Gamlin distracts the protodevlin by attacking them while Docker puts the remaining fold boosters in place. Once they are in set the Macross 5 structure folds and appears beside Macross 7.

Goram and Zomd are surprised by what just happened. Basara see's this as his chance to sing to them but before he can he is pulled away by Mylene and Ray because the ships of the fleet are about to fire their reaction weapons. Basara shouts in disgust as he is pulled away.

Max orders all the ships to fire their reaction weapons and they hit the protodevlin. Goram and Zomd are partially disintigrated by the nuclear explosion but use their Spiritia to regenerate their bodies. They then charge for Macross 7, but before they can reach them Basara meets them and starts singing. The rest of Sound Force forms up behind him to reinforce him.

Goram and Zomd fire at Sound Force but their beam is being blocked by sound energy from the Sound Force. Just when Sound Force is about to be defeated by the strenght of Goram and Zomd's beam, Sivil flies inbetween them and attacks Goram and Zomd's beam. Basara is momentarily distracted by the arrival of Sivil and stops singing. Sivil shouts at him and Basara starts singing again. Sound Energy from Basara passes through Sivil and hits Goram and Zomd's forcing them to flee.

Sivil passes out again and crashes into City 7's concert hall. Basara and Fire Bomber chase after the falling and unconscious Sivil. Basara cradles Sivil and calls our her name but she doesn't wake up. Basara starts singing "My Soul For You" to her. Ray and Mylene watch him while Veffidas picks up Basara's acoustic guitar and accompanies his singing.

Spiritia starts to form around Sivil and she starts to wake up, her hair starts to wrap around Basara. She notices however what is happening and tries to push Basara away because she could drain him of his Spiritia. It is too late however as Basara passes out from the Spiritia drain. Sivil tries to force the Spiritia back to Basara but it doesn't wake him up. She says that Basara is dead. Sivil screams. She says that she is sad then flies out of City 7. Ray checks Basara and says that he has stopped breathing.

Sivil breaks into the flag ship of Gepernich and tells him that she will never steal spiritia again. Gepernich tells her that she has not escaped the Spiritia nightmare. Sivil fires the Anima Spiritia from Basara to him to give him Spiritia death. Gepernich just laughs however and fires a Spritia Stream back at her. Gepernich teleports her back to her hibernation chamber in the 4th planet of the Varauta system which prevents her from escaping.

At the Macross 7 hospital, the doctor tells the Fire Bomber members that in Basara's critical condition he can only hope to last a few more hours.

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