Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 46: Gamlin's Rebellion

Macross 7 - Ep 46: Gamlin's RebellionThe captured Protodevlin ship with the survivors of operation Stargazer de-fold near the Macross 7 fleet. Gamlin heads out to the hangar and notices a door with a glowing panel button. As he presses the button the door opens and out comes Gavil. Gavil possesses Gamlin.

At Macross 7, the military council (together with Milia who is still wearing a military uniform) listens to the enumeration of the names of all those who had died during operation Stargazer. A total of 27 were unable to make it back. After the last name is read, Max and the council stands up and salutes them for their courage. Max unveils to them that the purpose of the Protodevlin is to steal their Spiritia. The council asks Max to authorize the preparation of Reaction Weapons for each ship in the fleet. Max agrees with the request and the reaction weaponry is mobilized.

After the meeting Max walks with Milia. Milia welcomes him back but Max says that the situation has turned for the worst. Either way Milia says that she is happy that he is back and that she is returning the Captaincy of the fleet to him.

At the bridge Max tells Exsedol that based on the way the protodevlin have reacted to Basara's singing it could be the Anima Spiritia. He asks Exsedol to research into it further with Dr. Chiba.

At Ray's apartment, Akiko offers a toast to the return of Fire Bomber. Since Basara is not in a mood to drink, because of the unfinished business he left behind at Varauta system, Mylene drinks his share instead. Unknown to her is that the drink was alcoholic so she ends up slightly inebriated.

Basara notices the necklace around her and tells her that it doesn't suit her because she is just a kid and that maybe she should return it to Gamlin, who it would suit better, because he's from Diamond Force.

At the Mayor's office where Diamond Force is based, Gamlin/Gavil leaves a wake of drained Spiritia. Including Milia, her secretary and Diamond Force. He declares Macross 7 as a Spiritia Paradise. He steps out the Mayor's building and he is about to attack the passing Flower Girl when Mylene calls out to him.

He approaches Mylene and Guvava attempts to warn her of the danger. Mylene wants to talk about the ring when Gamlin/Gavil attempts to drain her of her Spiritia. Guvava however reacts quickly and gets in the way. Gamlin/Gavil grabs Guvava and attempts to drain his Spiritia but is suddenly stopped by a passing blimp that is playing a Fire Bomber song overhead. He screams out Anima Spiritia then runs away from Mylene and Guvava. Mylene wonders out loud what's wrong with Gamlin.

The police reports to Max that Milia, Diamond Force and her secretary are displaying symptoms similar to those attacked by the vampires. Exsedol comments that the protodevlin might have infiltrated again City 7. Just then the bridge reports that 3 hangers and a maintenance area have been destroyed, but there are no enemy detected within the area. Exsedol comments that it could be the handiwork of the enemy infiltrator.

At the hangar a VF-17 Battloid starts shooting up the place. Barton investigates the identity of the pilot and see's that it is Gamlin. Exsedol notes that it is strange for Gamlin to be doing that. Max orders out Emerald Force to subdue Gamlin. Ray receives a call that Gamlin is creating havoc with his Battloid. Mylene relates how that earlier on Gamlin was behaving strangely. Fire Bomber fly out to stop Gamlin.

Gamlin/Gavil flies out in his Battloid and starts shooting up the Macross 7. Docker flies up to him and tries to talk to him but he does not respond. He asks Max if he should shoot and Max gives him the order. Before he can fire Basara blocks his path and tells him to wait. Docker tells him to get out of the way as Gamlin has gone crazy and what he has done is too huge that the military wants to court martial him.

Mylene argues that that isn't Gamlin and that something has happened to him. Gamlin breaks up their conversation by firing at them. Basara starts singing.

Ray wonders out loud if a protodevlin had possessed Basara. Max agrees that it could be the only answer as to who had attacked Milia and the rest since Gamlin is so close to them. Max asks Dr. Chiba if Sound Energy could drive out a protodevlin possession. Dr. Chiba however is not sure of the outcome.

Barton barges in to the discussion by saying that this could be the opportunity to test whether reaction weapons could indeed destroy a protodevlin by sacrificing Gamlin. He asks Max for the permission to try it out and that the sacrifice of Gamlin's life is worth it. Max however says that he will let Sound Force handle this.

Gamlin/Gavil tricks them into thinking that he has been freed from the protodevlin possession. When Mylene flies near him he holds Mylene hostage. Gamlin/Gavil says that being in Gamlin's body filters out the effects of Anima Spiritia on him.

Gamlin/Gavil threatens to hurt Mylene if they try anything. As Basara approaches Gamlin/Gavil shoots out Basara's speaker pods. He orders them to follow him.

Barton says that since they've determined that Sound Force has no effect on the protodevlin and that he is leading them to a distance, where they can fire their reaction weapons at them it would be a great opportunity to try his plan. The military council agrees with Barton. Exsedol chimes that it would also destroy Sound Force in the process. The council counters that it could be the only way to reduce casualties further and not to give in to the protodevlin's demands.

Max orders reaction weapons to be prepared and targetted at Gamlin's plane. He asks to be given the control of the weapon. Exsedol asks him if he has a plan, Max says none but that he would prefer to be the one to fire the weapon. Basara offers himself up in exchange for Mylene.

Ray warns Basara that the military is preparing to fire their reaction weapons. Basara gets mad saying that whenever their is a problem the military thinks they can always solve it with reaction weapons. Just then a protodevlin battleship de-folds and Gamlin/Gavil flies towards it.

Mylene reminisces all the times that Gamlin has saved her and Sound Force. She decides that its her turn to save Gamlin. She ejects from her Battloid and flies towards Gamlin/Gavil. She opens up his cockpit and pulls him out and starts singing to him. She hugs Gamlin while singing and this forces Gavil out of Gamlin. Gavil flies away while the protodevlin ship folds out.

Exsedol remarks to Max that he has an amazing daughter in Mylene and he asks whether he was really serious in pushing the button. Max answers that he would have if it was needed.

At the hangar, an unconscious Gamlin on stretcher is looked over by Dr. Chiba while Fire Bomber looks on. Mylene asks Dr. Chiba if Gamlin is going to be ok. Dr. Chiba answers that Gamlin is full with Mylene's sound energy and that he's happily unconscious.

Ray comments that her singing was able to convey to Gamlin her feelings. Mylene just stares at him. Basara teases her that she doesn't understand. She presses Basara on what she doesn't understand but Basara just laughs and tells her that its nothing. She continues to pester Basara on what it is she doesn't understand.

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