Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 45: Ambitous Fourth Planet

Macross 7 - Ep 45: Ambitous Fourth PlanetBattle 7 tries to contact the Stargazer mission but there is no response, Milia tells them to continue trying till they respond. Exsedol comments that the mission could have been a failure, Milia responds that its not like Max and the others to have failed.

Gepelnich contacts the survivors of the Stargazer mission and tells them to surrender so that no harm will come to them. Mylene cries upon seeing the diamond ring given to her by Gamlin.

The survivors of the Stargazer mission are held captive at the protodevlin base. Docker tells his captors that they are members of the Macross 5 crew, but Max tells him that it is useless to reason with them because they are under mind control of the protodevlin.

Gepernich comes down to speak with them. Irina Hayakawa recognizes him to be Ivano Gunther from the Varauta expedition team. As he tries to talk to him he gets pistol whipped by a brainwashed soldier.

Gepernich speaks with Max and tells him that in his dream Max cooperated with him. Mylene objects and ask why they should cooperate with him since he killed Gamlin and a lot of other people. Ray tries to calm her down. Gepernich answers that it is not death that he wanted to begin with and if they cooperated with him in his Spiritia Farm dream all the useless deaths could have been avoided.

Gepernich elaborates his plan of building a Spiritia Farm and using the Anima Spiritia (Basara Nekki) to regenerate the lost spiritia of the people that the protodevlin absorb to sustain them. Basara however objects to this plan saying that his singing is not for that purpose.

Basara startes singing and rushes Gepernich, as he avoids the brainwashed pilots Gepernich throws an energy collar at him that wraps around his neck and prevents him from singing. Gepernich tells them to cooperate or else he will destroy the Macross 7 fleet. Max however tells him that he wouldn't dare destroy Macross 7 because he needs it for his Spiritia Farm. Gepernich however tells him that his Spiritia Farm dream is infinite. He tells them to think wisely on his proposition and leaves to give them time to decide.

Basara Nekki is kept in a separate chamber with his arms, legs and neck bound to prevent him from singing. In another prison cell Irina Hayakawa relates that Ivano Gunther was the advisor who led them to the protodevlin chamber after he had first discovered it. Afterwards he doesn't remember anymore. (This encounter was further detailed in the Macross 7 short titled Spiritia Dreaming). Ray concludes that Ivano must have been the first to be possessed by the protodevlin but Irina says he's not sure but it looks that way.

Ray walks over to Mylene to comfort her. She had been sitting at a corner mourning the sacrifice of Gamlin, who died so that they could sing, she says. Max tries to reassure and encourage the rest of the captives as they feel that the situation has now turned hopeless. Max confers with Ray for a plan to free Basara so that he can sing and release the mind controlled soldiers.

Gepernich looks out the window of his snow covered flag ship and utters the name of Ivano Gunther. After all those years that he had possessed that body, he never knew the name of his host.

Max walks over to Mylene and speaks with her. He asks for her opinion on their operation, why she came and if it was because she wanted to just sit and cry. Mylene answers that she's crying because of Gamlin. Max tells her that Gamlin sacrificed himself because he believed in the mission.

Mylene starts to sing and some of the brainwashed pilots are confused by the singing and momentarily distracted. Guvava sneaks past the distracted soldiers in the control room and steals the keys to the cell. He comes back to them via the ventilation ducts.

Max opens the cell and he and Docker disarm and knock out the two guards outside. Docker and some men head to the control room and disable the guards there in order to find the location of their fighters. Ray and Fire Bomber free Basara from his cell. Basara asks Ray how they were able to escape, he tells him that it was because of Mylene and Guvava. Basara heads over to Mylene and tells her that he was able to feel her song in his heart.

Max, Fire Bomber and the rest run up to Docker and his crew. Max tells them to lead them to their fighters. On the way there Basara and Mylene sing their songs.

Outside in the snow, Gamlin crawls his way out from the wreckage of his fighter. He finds the good luck charm that Mylene gave him and picks himself up from the snow. Gamlin knocks down a sentry and makes his way into the base.

Docker and some others give covering fire as Max and the rest race down the hangar. On the way there they see a huge structure where citizens of Macross 5 are encased.

Four soldiers try to pull open the hangar door to their fighters but they are unable to. Veffidas steps in and single handily opens the hangar door herself. Basara runs to his Battloid but before he can reach it Gavil blocks his path. Basara starts singing to repel him. An enemy battloid breaks the wall beside them and throws Gavil aside. Gamlin tells them to board their crafts quickly. Mylene and the rest are surprised and happy to see Gamlin alive and well.

Gavil however is not pleased to see him alive and proceeds to attack him. He rams Gamlin's Battloid and inside the lucky charm of Mylene drops to the floor. Gavil comes back to finish him off, but as Gamlin tries to pick up the lucky charm he accidentally hits the Spiritia collector button which hits Gavil and drains him of Spiritia. Gavil's body starts to whither and he drops to the floor. The team cheers for Gamlin's victory, Gamlin says to himself that once again the lucky charm has saved him.

Max, in his VF-22, orders all of them to board an enemy ship so that they can escape. Basara however flies off in his VF-19 towards the structure where the Macross 5 citizens are encased and starts singing to them.

On Macross 7, Dr. Chiba detects the sound energy of Basara's singing and the bridge are elated with the news.

The captured Macross 5 citizens begin to wake up and Basara informs Max. Max orders the citizens to be taken aboard the battle ship they had comandeered. The battleship breaks through the walls of the chamber where the citizens are held.

All of the sudden the spiritia of the Macross 5 citizens start being drained. Above the structure is a probe which collects their Spiritia. Gepernich contacts Max and tells him that this is his Spiritia Farm. Max has no choice but to retreat as enemy Battloids start attacking them. The battleship breaks out of the walls and flies out to the snow covered sky.

A drained Gavil crawls his way to the chamber and the Spiritia Farm recharges him with Spiritia. As he watches the hole left by the departing StarGazer crew, He swears revenge on Gamlin for having defeated him.

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