Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 44: The Nightmarish Invasion

The Nightmarish InvasionArriving at the Varauta solar system, Max repeats his plan to the Stargazer team. They will fold one last time to the surface of the planet. The attacking force will descend to the surface and split into twelve groups. Each group was named after a zodiac sign. The units will try to make it into the hibernation chamber within the underground protodevlin base. From there they will explode their reaction weapons.

The map of the underground base was drawn by Irina Hayakawa, who was part of the Varauta expedition force that earth sent out to explore that side of the Galaxy. They were captured by the protodevlin upon exploring the protodevlin's cave. Some of them were possesed and played host to the protodevlin, others were used to feed the protodevlin Spiritia while the rest were brainwashed into being slaves for the protodevlin army.

Irina Hayakawa was captured in Macross 7 and his capture shed some light into the operations of the protodevlin. It was only after listening to Basara Nekki's song that the brainwashing was removed. This method was discovered by Dr. Chiba. Irina Hayakawa has since then rejoined the military via Macross 7.

Basara disagree's during the briefing, saying that bombs are not needed, only his singing. Max however disagrees with him, telling him that this is not the time for that and that he won't allow such actions. Max tells him that the future of Galaxy is at stake and not just Macross 7's. Basara says, all the more why he should sing. Ray holds back Basara and speaks to Max to at least give Basara a chance to sing, because it might reach out to the protodevlin.

Max agrees that if Sound Force is the first to arrive in the hibernation chamber (known as Polar Star in the mission plan) then they are allowed to attack the enemy with sound energy instead of reaction weaponry.

At the end of the meeting Gamlin approaches Mylene. Mylene attempts to talk to him about the diamond ring he gave her for her birthday (that she wears around her neck) but Gamlin stops her because its not something people should be talking about before going out to battle.

Basara approaches them and asks them if they're saying their last goodbye's. Gamlin says that its not their last goodbye because they will see each other again and that Diamond Force will complete its mission and return. Basara boasts that he should just listen to him sing, but Gamlin says only if he gets their ahead of them. Basara tells him that he will and Gamlin says he's not sure of that. Basara tells him not to worry because he will, Gamlin then playfully challenges him to a race. Basara happily accepts the friendly challenge.

At the hangar, Docker boasts to Gamlin that Emerald force will be the first to get there. Irina Hayakawa receives a message from his flight leader that he wants their Aries team to be there first. Irina tells him that he can count on him because it will be his second trip to the planet already. The planes get into launch position as the ship tops off its energy charge for the final fold. Max talks to Mylene before communications will be lost between them and tells her to sing with all she's got. In Gamlin's plane, he rubs the ornament that Mylene gave him for good luck then accidentally breaks it.

As the ship de-folds, Max orders decoys to be ejected from the ship. The attackers then proceed to launch from the ship. Gepernich is informed that an enemy ship has defolded near the planet. He tells the brainwashed underling to inform Gavil of the attack. He then remarks to himself the "Dream" has saved him the trouble by coming to him instead.

Max orders the ship to leave orbit then asks for the status of the Blue Gazer. He tells them to inform him once their attacking force has gone down to 10% as he will activate the Blue Gazer himself.

The attackers fire rockets down the the anti-aircraft barrage that meets them from the planet's surface. Those who have survived the initial barrage, dive down to crevices on the surface of the planet and make their way towards the protodevlin's base. Gamlin and Docker are having a friendly race towards the base. Gamlin wonders out loud why Sound Force is nowhere to be found when at a bend Gavil and Gravil surprise them with an ambush.

Gamlin and Docker are able to dodge Gravil's energy blast but those behind them aren't so lucky. Just then they hear Sound Force's song and see them flying towards the base above the crevices unmindful of the anti-aircraft fire. Upon hearing them, Gavil and Gravil break off their attack in order to meet Sound Force head on. Docker asks if he understands their part in this operation while Gamlin comments on whether Basara's plan is to play the decoy.

Mylene tells Basara that they're doing well as a decoy, but Basara answers that he wants to take the direct route and his plan is to be first to the target by singing.

At the Bridge of Battle 7 the crew are monitoring the battle. Dr. Chiba detects the sound energy of Basara's singing. Sally asks why Basara has started singing this early into the operation and Milia does not answer but calls out to herself Max's name.

Gavil and Gravil proceed to attack Sound Force. Sound Force counters only with the speaker pods without the Sound Booster packs. Gravil runs away and Gavil hits Sound Force with missiles. Upon seeing Sound Force being attacked he orders the members of Diamond Force to join up with Emerald Force. Docker asks Gamlin where he is going as he flies out of the crevice, Gamlin answers that he's going to protect Sound Force because he believes in Basara's songs.

In the bridge of the stealth ship the crew report to Max, that of the attacking units only Scorpio team and Emerald Force are making headway to the Polar Star objective as the rest have been destroyed or are being held back by the defense. Max orders them to return to Macross 7 once the survivors have returned to the ship. He takes off in a VF-22 Sturmvogel and plans to fold directly into Polar Star with the attached fold booster.

Gavil presses his attack against Sound Force when a swarm of missiles from Gamlin forces him to back off. He tells Sound Force to continue with the mission while he takes on Gavil. The rest of Diamond Force arrives to help in fending off Gavil. The rest of Emerald Force continues with their attack but are killed in the crevice. Docker, the lone survivor, presses on with the attack.

Mylene, faced with the volume of defenders, is starting to lose confidence. Basara encourages her to sing because they are the Fire Bomber band.

Gavil stops fighting with Diamond Force and pursues Sound Force. As Gamlin chases after him, Gavil suddenly transforms to Battloid and aims for a head on collision with Gamlin's VF-17. The two crafts collide and explode.

Mylene and the rest of the attackers are stunned with what just happened. Basara looks at Gavil angrily while he laughs. Ray tells Mylene to get a hold of herself as she cries out because of the demise of Gamlin. Just then Max surprises all them by de-folding near them. He proceeds towards the Polar Star objective with Gavil in hot pursuit.

Max displays his fighting skills of old dodging and destroying enemy units before firing the nuclear weapon into Polar Star. He orders all of them to retreat. Mylene asks what about him and he answers that he is going to be ok then cuts off the radio.

Max had planned all along to hold them enemy off till the bomb explodes and sacrifice himself in the process. Mylene calls out to her father hysterically to come back. Basara charges in telling them that he's going to bring back Mylene's father. Mylene wants to go with him but he rebukes her telling him that she will just be in his way.

Mylene struggles with Ray because she wants to go rescue her father. In a rare instance again in Macross 7, Veffidas once again speaks to Mylene and tells her that they will just be in the way. Mylene agrees to retreat together with Ray.

As Max runs out of ammunition he whispers to the faraway Milia that they had accomplished the mission. As he is approached by enemy Battloids, Basara flies in with his singing. Max tells him why he's here and why he disobeyed a direct order to leave. The brainwashed enemy fighters stop firing upon being hit by Basara's sound energy.

Gavil tells a Battloid to hurrily remove the Nuclear bomb that lodged itself in the chamber. Gepernich orders them to stop dislodging it. He teleports the bomb near the stealth ship and as it explodes it destroys the ship and surviving attackers means of going home to Macross 7.

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