Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 43: Individual Farewells

Macross 7 - Episode 43: Individual FarewellsMacross 7 had been ordered by the Military Headquarters on earth to attack the protodevlin homeworld of Varauta. The military council of Macross 7 however expressed concern with this order as they do not know how the protodevlin will react to this escalation of hostilities, considering that they have been authorized to use Reaction Weapons (Nuclear) in the assault.

Max however tells them that the order is not up for debate in the meeting, but rather what is to be discussed is how they can go about accomplishing this mission. This is after combat simulations they are running always predicts failure of the operation. Irina Hayakawa, the rescued Varauta expedition pilot who had been brainwashed by the Protodevlin to be their conscript, had been asked to join the meeting.

Max steps out of the meeting to discuss it with Mayor Milia. Milia objects of the plan to attack the Protodevlin. Max tells her that he feels that the Earth Government is just using them as an experiment and in effect willing to sacrifice the fate of the entire Macross 7 fleet. Since it is his duty to protect the civilians, he wants to leave behind City 7 and the other civilian ships when they commence the attack.

Returning to the meeting and seeing that the council hadn't decided yet on a plan, he gives his orders for a small surgical team to breakaway from Macross 7 and to carry out the attack on the Varauta planet. The team will use a stealth frigate to reach the planet then a small team will descend to the cave to plant a nuclear bomb in the protodevlin's base. Max says that only unmarried volunteers will be allowed for the mission and he will personally take command of the team.

Basara and Ray are discussing the mission, which has been called Stargazer, and how Basara relishes the thought of being able to perform once again in front of the protodevlin. Mylene also expresses her joy at volunteering for the mission. Ray and Basara however talk amongst themselves with regards to Mylene's volunteering.

Gamlin tries to prevent his team from joining him in volunteering, telling them that it is their duty to protect Macross 7 and that Mayor Milia wouldn't allow it. They inform him however that the Mayor herself has volunteered for the mission.

Milia tries to convince Max that she would be good for the mission, telling him that their teaming up together again would help greatly. He however tells her that her duty is to protect the City. Milia however expresses concern that he is going alone. Max reassures her that he is not going alone and that Emerald Force, Diamond Force and Sound Force volunteered to go with them. He tells her that Mylene volunteered too, but he didn't allow it. If Mylene saw that Milia was allowed to join the mission, it would be very hard to convince her from not joining. He tells her also that it would be good to have family to welcome them home when they come back.

At Ray's apartment, Mylene gets mad on why she is the only one from Fire Bomber that wasn't allowed to join the mission. Ray tells her that it was the military's decision and that she is only 14 and has a full life ahead of her. She insists on going but Basara screams at her that if she tries to join them, he'll drag her out of her Valkyrie. She leaves the room crying. Akiko runs after her and tries to comfort her by saying that they should try hosting a concert for them after they have left in order to wish the team well and pray for their success.

Max calls a briefing for the members of operation Star Gazer to discuss their plan of attack. Max first thanks the team for volunteering for the mission. He asks Irina Hayakawa to walk them through the diagram of the Varauta cave that is the objective of their mission. At the end of the meeting, Max tells them to enjoy their remaining hours before they depart for the mission. Basara, Ray and Gamlin agree to have fun together during this time. Gamlin tells Basara that this time his job won't be to watch over Sound Force, to which Basara smiles and tells him that he understands.

Basara, Ray and Gamlin head on to the hotel where Mylene is celebrating her 15th birthday. As everybody congratulates her, she starts crying because she noticed that everybody will be leaving for the mission tomorrow. Basara, who hadn't greeted her, tells her that its not good to be sad because its her birthday. He tells her that they should sing well for everybody today. Fire Bomber performs for Mylene's guests. Max joins Milia at the back to watch them perform. A member of Rex's biker gang tells another fellow member that this could well be the last performance of Fire Bomber.

At the end of the party Gamlin joins Mylene, who is sitting at the edge of the stage in the empty ballroom. Basara is on the roof of the hotel and is joined by Guvava. Basara starts singing and playing his acoustic guitar. As Rex and her biker gang leaves one of the girls ask her how come she never told Basara how she feels about him. Rex tells her to shut up then races off leaving them, they immediately chase after her.

Gamlin gives Mylene a present, a diamond ring. Mylene is visibly shocked upon seeing it. Gamlin tries to sheepishly explain that he tried to get her a birthstone ring but since he didn't know what it was, he bought instead a Diamond ring because he's from Diamond Force. Gamlin takes hold of both her hands and tells her that if he comes back he would like her to wear it on her left finger (like an engagement ring?)

Veffidas spends the remaining time making laps at the hotel's pool. Ray and Akiko are watching her swim. Akiko expresses anger for things turning out this way. Ray teases her that she might break the railing with the way she's holding it. He also tells her that she can count on them to come back. To which Akiko cries and calls out to Ray (it was shown in Macross 7 Plus that there was a love triangle between Ray, Akiko and Ray's bestfriend, Stephen)

Max and Milia are talking in a room with Michael standing guard outside. Max asks if she could take over being the Captain of Battle 7 while he is away. The council had agreed already to this decision. Milia agrees but asks her estranged husband to promise to take it back from her. As she does this she holds Max's hand and Max smiles and agrees to her request. Gamlin salutes then bids goodbye to Mylene. Flower Girl cries as she watches Basara sing from outside the building. As Basara ends his singing of "My Soul for You" the sun comes out to shine and he asks Guvava to take care of Mylene.

Members of operation Stargazer salute (except for Basara and Veffidas) the bridge of Macross 7 as they make their way by tube to their waiting stealth frigate. A depressed Mylene watches on as the female bridge crew and Milia return their salute. As Exsedol comments that this is farewell Mylene runs out of the bridge and goes to her Valkyrie. Milia chases after her and Mylene tells her not to stop her because these people are important to her. Milia tells her that she's not stopping her, but instead gives her wings to her to wear. These were the wings she wore when she was still flying together with Max and that they will allow her to escape any danger. Mylene kisses Milia and thanks her.

Exsedol asks her when she gets back to the bridge, if it is ok with her that she's letting her very important daughter go. She said that there is nothing she can do because she is determined to go.

Mylene reaches the departing Stargazer ship and Max asks for Mylene to turn back, but she doesn't listen to him. He shrugs and sighs as the ship folds in.

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