Monday, April 20, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 42: Desperate Capture Operation

Macross 7 - Ep 42: Desperate Capture OperationBasara can be seen playing his guitar in a park at Macross 7. While looking out the dome he thinks of Sivil. Dr. Chiba and Exsedol are in the science vessel, Einstein, discussing the discoveries made from the recovered ruins of the Protoculture found at planet Lux.

Exsedol explains to Max, who is in Battle 7, that the "Evil" were creatures developed by the protoculture and that they were possessed by the protodevlin. In the previous episodes it was found out that the Evil were to be used by the protoculture to fight off their Zentradi soldiers who were once loyal to them but were not rebelling.

The protoculture had created seven "Evil" bodies that were captured by the Anima Spiritia during their time. According to the records, Anima Spiritia is the only thing that can lock the protodevlin in a hibernating state.

Max tells them to try to discover what the Anima Spiritia is then leaves the conversation. Dr. Chiba tells Exsedol that he has a hunch that Anima Spiritia could have something to do with Song Energy and wants to conduct an experiment with Sound Force.

At Ray's apartment, Basara expresses disgust with Dr. Chiba's plan to use Sound Force's sound energy to create a field to capture the protodevlin. He points out that when the Military captured Sivil they wanted to kill her. He doesn't like the idea of capturing the protodevlin to make them listen to their songs. Ray however convinces him. Because he said, that since Sound Force will be the one doing the capturin,g they can dictate to the military afterwards how to treat the captured enemy. This will be the chance also to prove to the military that the protodevlin have a heart.

Initial testing however is proving to be difficult as the Sound Energy generated to box the protodevlin in must be balanced from all members of Sound Force. Basara's sound energy is the limiter as it is unstable and too powerful. Basara however doesn't want to sing in order to bring the power of his energy down to Mylene's level in order to stabilize the field. Dr. Chiba goes back to the drawing board.

An irritated Mylene discusses the events with Gamlin. Gamlin suggests that maybe Mylene can try to match Basara's power level instead. Mylene is disturbed by Gamlin's comment and runs away. Basara can be seen floating outside his Valkyrie in space just outside Macross 7. He wonders where Sivil had gone to.

Gavil attacks Macross 7 once again in hopes of capturing Basara Nekki, the Anima Spiritia. Sound Force meanwhile tries their capture by boxing in Grabil in a sound energy triangle.

Mylene says that she will try for Gamlin's sake to increase her singing energy. She pilots her Valkyrie closer to Gravil which shocks Max at the bridge. Basara also shouts at her then undertands what she's trying to do. He pulls back his Valkyrie from Gravil in order to balance out their energy. Emerald and Diamond Force move in to protect Sound Force as an energy shield forms around Gravil.

Gavil asks permission from Gepernich to unveil his true form in order to save Gravil from being captured. He flies out but his Battloid is destroyed by Gamlin. He escapes then goes to Gravil where they merge to form Gavigula. Sitting on top of Gravil's head is an even bigger protodevlin with wings. The strength of Gavigula forces the Sound Energy barrier to break.

Basara holds his ground and starts singing but is overwhelmed by Gavigula. Max orders Sound Force to retreat as he has already transformed Battle 7 to fire its main gun. Basara is angry because the true purpose of the containment field was so that they could fire on the captured protodevlin with their Macross canon. Gamlin pushes Basara out of the way of the main cannon. Macross canon fires and hits, but it does not destroy Gavigula.

Gavigula captures Basara and tries to crush him. Sivil comes in and fires at Gavigula to save Basara. Max and the rest can't believe what they're seeing, that a protodevlin is saving Basara from one of their own.

She gets in between Basara and Gavigula and the two face off. Gepernitch tells Gavil that time has run out so Gavil and Gravil separate and retreat. Drained from the battle Sivil collapses. Basara goes out of his Battloid to catch her. She calls him repeatedly "Anima Spiritia". Basara asks her why she saved him.

She drains Basara of some of his Spiritia and just when he is about to pass out Mylene screams that Basara's going to die. She stops but she still needs Spiritia so she attacks some of the Macross fighters and robs them of their Spiritia. Basara tells her to stop. She flies off ashamed and calls out Basara's name.

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