Sunday, April 19, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 41: I'm Crazy About Mylene!

Macross 7 - Ep 41:  I'm Crazy About Mylene!A young boy gets into a fight with people selling pictures of Mylene outside a cancelled Fire Bomber concert. The concert was cancelled because Fire Bomber was requested by the military to observe a training session of the Jamming Birds. Mylene wonders out loud to Ray why they were even required to watch the training session. In the training session Emerald Force is assigned to conduct a mock attack on the Jamming Birds squadron to get them used to combat.

During the training session Dr. Chiba notes that the sound energy generated by the Jamming Birds is not enough to activate the Sound Boosters. Barton says that more exposure in battle is needed by the Jamming Birds to get them up to the level needed to activate the sound boosters. And despite the setback, that they do indeed perform their purpose of distracting the enemy. Just then it was announced that all the Jamming Birds have been defeated in the mock attack. Max points out that the Jamming Birds is a group of civilians and their safety is still a concern.

Gamlin drops off Mylene at her apartment late at night. Mylene invites him up for tea but Gamlin says that its inappropriate for her to do that considering its late already. He changes his mind and says maybe coffee will be better. Just then a camera flash pops and Mylene is worried that it could be the gossip magazines taking pictures of them. Gamlin says out loud that Mylene and He are just friends.

The young boy got in a fight at the concert venue comes out from the dark and tells Mylene that they cancelled the Fire Bomber concert because of this date. He then asks Mylene is she could sing one of her songs. He shows her the stuffed toy of Guvava that he made that sits on his shoulder. Gamlin tells him that Mylene is tired already and that he should go home. Mylene tells him next time. The boy, now known as Billy, runs off after telling Mylene that he'll visit their practice tomorrow.

Mylene has been playing flat and the band assumes its because she's been out late on a date with Gamlin. Mylene says that he doesn't go out on dates with Gamlin. Billy arrives with Gamlin at the band's practice. Mylene asks why he brought him there and it was because Billy had been waiting a long time outside his room. Mylene asks Billy to leave because they are going to practice, Billy insists on staying. The rest of the band agree that Billy can stay, with Mylene showing irritation. Mylene gets mad when Billy starts touching her bass guitar and starts playing it.

Miffed, Billy runs out saying that he's not going to listen to their practice anymore and drops his Guvava doll. Gamlin and Mylene chase after him. Billy runs into the two guys selling pictures of Mylene's butt portion taken during concerts and fights with them again. Just then Mylene arrives and the two guys turn the tables on Billy by telling her that he's the one who's been selling those pictures. Mylene accuses Billy of taking the pictures since he has a camera all the time, Billy tells her that it wasn't him and runs off telling her that he's no longer a fan.

Mylene returns to the band's place and tells them what happened. Basara gives the stuffed Guvava that he left behind to Mylene and she notices an old ticket tucked within the fur. The ticket was fromt the concert where Mylene first joined Fire Bomber on stage. Ray comments that its hard to find fans like that nowadays. Mylene however comments that Billy had been taking bad pictures of her. Gamlin corrects her by saying that it was the other two who were selling the pictures and not Billy, as he had followed the two when they ran off. Gamlin took away their negatives, their photos of Mylene and made the two of them do calisthenics.

Akiko is able to track down the address of Billy based from the ticket. They find out that he's from the Sunny Flower agricultural ship of Macross 7. According to Gamlin it is the very last ship of the fleet in the convoy. Mylene leaves the practice and flies out to the ship.

At Sunny Flower, Mylene notices large speakers playing classical music all over the farms. A farmer tells her that the plants grow better when they listen to music but that Billy likes to play rock and roll to them. Since he knew Billy, she asks him where he lives. The farmer points her to a house on a hill and says that Billy has been living alone for three years since his parents died. He has been taking care of him but he took after his father's stubbornness. A good worker Billy is, but after saving up enough money, he usually goes to City 7 to listen to Fire Bomber. She enters the house but finds him no one home. Mylene looks for him outside.

The alarm sounds and Fire Bomber scramble without Mylene. Gamlin is serving escort for Fire Bomber and notices that the enemy is just trying to draw them out farther. He warns his Diamond Force team that the enemy might be up to something.

At Sunny Flower the alarm sounds then cuts off. Sitting at a Hay stack Billy thinks that it was a false alarm when the alarm suddenly sound then cuts off. At the bridge of Sunny Flower Gavil disconnects the alarm and leaves a wake of Spiritia deprived bridge officers.

Gamlin warns Basara from pursuing as they might be hiding their true intentions. Battle 7 receives a message from Gavil from Sunny Flower, he says that he has control over the ship and demands for the source of the singing to be brought to him. Basara flies out to Gravil and Gavil warns him that if he starts singing he will blow up Sunny Flower. The true intention of the attack was revealed, which was to capture the Anima Spiritia, otherwise known as Basara Nekki.

Not knowing about what's happening outside, Mylene plugs her Valkyrie to the speakers used to play music to the plants and starts to sing one of her songs in hopes of attracting Billy. The singing hurts Gavil so he is forced to leave the bridge. Sally informs them the Gavil is no longer on the bridge and that Mylene's Valkyrie can be detected at Sunny Flower. Ray tells Basara that he can start singing again so he starts singing to ward off Grabil.

Billy runs towards Mylene and Mylene comes down from her Battloid. She apologizes to Billy and gives back his Guvava doll. She asks him to be his fan again. Just then Gavil arrives and shoots at Mylene's Battloid destroying her sound boosters.

Billy runs to the speaker control and starts playing Fire Bombers songs in the farms. Gavil detects the source of the sound and destroy's the speaker control where Billy was playing the music, trapping him underneath the debris. Mylene runs to him and tries to free him with her Battloid. Billy tells her to escape while she can but she says that she won't leave her number one fan.

Billy tells her to start singing but Mylene says that it is useless because her sound boosters were destroyed. Billy tells her that she still has her speaker pods. She starts singing but Gavil has dampened her singing from the inside of his Battloid. Mylene picks up her rifle and fires speaker pods into Gavil's cockpit, bypassing the sound dampers of Gavil and affecting him with her sougs. Gamlin arrives and starts shooting at Gavil which forces him to retreat.

Mylene and Gamlin visit the recovering Billy at the hospital. Gamlin gives a special gift to Billy, which is the chance to have a picture taken with Mylene.

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