Sunday, April 19, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 40: A Feeling That Reaches Beyond The Stars

Macross 7 - Ep 40:  A Feeling that reaches Beyond the StarsNews, that the creatures who are chasing after them are called the Protodevlin, spreads through City 7. Milia is worried that the civilians might start panicking because of the news. She asks Max if they have found a way already to counter the protodevlin since regular weapons do not work against them. Max tells her that its her job to keep the citizens calm and he suggests for them to just increase their patrols. Max cuts short Milia's call because he is in the middle of a meeting with the military council.

The council has asked for the presence of Fire Bomber because they have had direct contact with the protodevlin. Barton asks Basara to describe the protodevlin for them. Basara say's that they are an amazing race which gets the ire of Barton. He said that he was able to connect with them by his singing. Gigil had learned to sing because of him and Sivil showed him the universe.

The military advisers are not impressed however and wants more drastic action against them. Basara expresses his disagreement with the military's plan to escalate the conflict. The military meanwhile discounts the events of Gigil being taught to sing because they felt it was only because Gigil had possessed a Varauta soldier that allowed Basara to connect with him more easily.

According to them Basara's singing only weakens the protodevlin. Barton goes as far as to insult Basara by saying that the reason the Protodevlin run away from his singing is because it is bad. Basara tell's Barton that he doesn't understand the heart of the protodevlin then walks out of the meeting. Mylene chases after him. Ray and Veffidas follow suit.

The remaining military personnel recommend to Max to use Reactionary (Nuclear) Weapons against the protodevlin since there is no other way to defeat them.

At Gepernich's flag ship, Gepernich gives Gavil a small ball of energy that he says will prevent the Anima Spiritia from affecting him. He orders Gavil to capture Macross 7 and the Anima Spiritia (Basara Nekki)

As Gamlin walks down the street he is stopped by Mori, one of the members of Diamond Force. He asks Gamlin to come back to Diamond force to help protect City 7 from the Protodevlin. Gamlin however apologizes and says that he's not in the military anymore then walks away.

Gamlin then visits Fire Bomber's practice at Ray's apartment. He asks to speak to Basara alone which has Mylene confused. Gamlin tells Basara that he shouldn't be so reckless that it puts him in dangerous situations. Basara disagrees that he is that reckless. Gamlin tells Basara that he thinks his singing is their only chance against the protodevlin. Basara Thanks Gamlin for the compliment and Gamlin tells him to promise him that he won't be so reckless. Basara agree's and tells Gamlin that he thinks he's better off in the military.

As Basara opens the door back to the apartment, it jams. Mylene was eavesdropping on the other end and has her nose reddened when Basara opened it. When asked what they were talking about by Mylene they refuse to say what it was. The alarm suddenly sounds which prevents Mylene from pressing the two further for answers.

Gamlin once again flies out to fight despite not being in the military. This time Basara's singing cannot remove the brainwashing from the captured army of the protodevlin. Gamlin once again gets into an argument with Docker of Emerald force who tells him to kill the enemy before they can kill them. For Basara's sake, Gamlin fights to just disable the enemy.

Mori and the rest of Diamond Force ask Gamlin to once again take command of Diamond force during this battle, he agrees and starts giving orders to them. They disable one enemy Battloid to investigate why Basara's singing has no effect. When opening the cockpit they find out that the energy ball given to Gavil by Gepernich is in fact a robot which controls the Battloid. Since it is not living it cannot be affected by songs.

Mylene wonders why Basara is still singing despite the fact that nobody is listening to his song. Ray tells her that Basara is singing to the Universe.

Gamlin tries to figure out the location of the enemy that is controlling the enemy fighters and orders the rest of Diamond Force to protect Sound Force. Macross 7 Bridge notices Gamlin flying off alone and sends a probe out to chase after him.

Gamlin finds Gavil hiding behind an asteroid. Just when he thought that he had surprised Gavil, Grabil moves in to attack him. Before Grabil can get a shot off, an energy beam hits him from far off. The energy beam was sound energy fired by Basara and it did the impossible thing of going through the asteroid without destroying it before hiting Grabil. Grabil flies retreats from the battle.

After defeating Gavil's escort, Gamlin goes one-on-one with Gavil and defeats him. Gavil once again retreats from his destroyed Battloid. Gamlin comes to the conclusion that it is his duty to let others hear Basara's songs.

Back in Fire Bomber's apartment Ray talks to Gamlin and tells him what a close call that one was. Gamlin tells him that it was Thanks to Basara that he was saved. Basara however says that he doesn't remember saving Gamlin and that its him who's being reckless this time. Mylene runs up to him to scold him further for being reckless. She asks Gamlin to promise her not to be so reckless in the future.

Gamlin talks to Mayor Milia and apologises for being selfish. He asks to be reinstated to Diamond Force. Mayor Milia tells him that he has always been the leader of Diamond Force. She never turned over his insignia to the military when he resigned. Gamlin then asks if Diamond Force could be assigned to protect Sound Force, to which Mayor Milia agrees because the protection of Sound Force also results in the protection of City 7.

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