Friday, April 24, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 4: Vampire Soldier

Macross 7 - Ep 4: Vampire SoldierFire Bomber is playing in a concert. In the dark streets of Macross 7, a lady runs past a Fire Bomber poster. She is running away from some trench coated man who is chasing her. The man eventually catches up with her. In some other part of the city a lady doing aerobics while watching Fire Bomber's performance on tv also gets attacked. Same goes for a lady in a shower.

The following day in Ray's apartment, Fire Bomber learns from the tv news that 8 people were attacked last night. Mylene adds, that according to her magazine it was vampires who attacked the victims. Basara teases her because her magazine is a gossip tabloid and tells her that there is no such thing as vampires. He suddenly grabs Mylene's magazine because there is an article that says that one of the victims was attacked outside their concert venue last night.

Max receives a report that Dr. Chiba confirmed that the symptoms of the victims from yesterday's attacks matched that of the pilots who were hit by the mysterious green energy beam of the enemy. Max assumes that City 7 had been infiltrated by the enemy. Just then Milia runs up to him and demands to know what is happening to the city with these attacks. Max tells her that she'll explain it to her later.

Max brings Milia some coffee but she declines it telling him that that kind of service from him is not necessary. She asks Max whether City 7 had indeed been infiltrated by the enemy. Max tells her that he didn't say that but Milia says that that could be the only conclusion as to what has been happening. Max tells her that there isn't enough evidence to confirm that but Milia thinks otherwise. When asked for a plan, Max says that he can only increase patrols, as they still have to do some analysis.

As Milia leaves, Max asks her about Mylene, especially since she had seemed to have joined a strange band. Because of her activities too she had been going home late. Milia tells him not to worry about their youngest daughter.

Lord Gepelnich receives word that the infiltrators at Macross 7 are doing well. He orders them to proceed to the next stage of their plan.

Fire Bomber had just finished their concert and they are on their way home. On the way out Mylene and Basara argue because their tempo isn't in sync. Ray stops them and tells them to discuss this tomorrow because its late already and Mylene has to go home. He suggests that Basara should bring Mylene home. Mylene however reasons that there is no need for that because she lives close by. She also jokes that if she runs into any vampires she'd be sure to have her picture taken with them.

Flower Girl approaches them to give Basara her flowers but she gets pushed over by some other female fan girls who give gifts to Basara. They complement him on his singing, ask for his autograph and are awed with the size of Veffidas. Mylene sees them and jealously shrugs and walks into a dark alley. Basara notices that there is a dark figure following her.

Mylene is approached by Michael and some other bodyguards. He pleads with her that Milia had asked her to stay with her until the vampire problem has been solved. Mylene says however that she doesn't need bodyguards and they should just leave her alone. Michael tells her that they can't do that. Mylene tells them goodbye then runs away from them. Michael and the bodyguards chase after her.

She jumps behind a bush and Michael and his gang run past him. Just then a man wearing a trench coat and dark sun glasses comes up behind her. The mask covering his mouth opens up and a small barrel extends from it. Before he can do anything Basara jumps in between them, grabs Mylene's hand and they start running away from them.

Mylene wonders why he was there and Basara tells him that he saw some strange men following her. And on cue about 4 guys wearing the same type of trench coat, glasses and mask come out of corners and chase after them.

While running after them one of them communicates that the Spiritia level of the two are incredibly high and could be caused by the fear that they are feeling right now.

Mylene and Basara suddenly get surrounded but the arrival of Michael and his crew creates confusion enough for Mylene and Basara to escape the cordon. One of Michael's men is unlucky enough to get hit by the Spiritia collector of one of the vampires.

Mylene gets mad at Basara for leading them into a dead end but Basara finds a manhole cover which allows them enty into the sewers of City 7. Mylene complains about the smell and asks Basara how he can take it, Basara says he can't then changes the subject by asking her that didn't she boast about having her picture taken with the vampires? Mylene tells him that she forgot to bring her camera.

Mylene asks him if he was worried about her, because he followed her home. Basara however just said that kids shouldn't be walking home alone. This gets Mylene irked, Basara tells her that he was more worried about Guvava.

Michael and his crew also show up in the sewers. Michael attempts to punch Basara for bringing Mylene into the sewers, Mylene tells them to stop. Just then the vampires come. One of the bodyguards tries to shoot at them but Michael tells him to stop because he might hit Mylene in the process. Basara grabs Mylene and they run away. Michael shouts at him to take good care of Mylene while Basara tells him to make sure that they get away too. Michael and his gang are left behind to fight off the vampires.

In the course of their running, Mylene trips and twists her ankle. Basara ties a handkerchief at the affected ankle (I ask myself everytime what good will that do?) Mylene Thanks him. At the course of their conversation we find out that Mylene thinks her parents are too overprotective of her and she doesn't like the feeling of having to depend on other people.

An enemy cruiser folds out near the Macross 7 fleet. Exsedol comments that they must have advanced fold techniques for being able to fold so close to and inside the fleet. Max orders the shell of City 7 to be lowered. The attack alarm is sounded again through City 7.

While running through the sewers, a vampire suddenly appears in front of them. One fires his Spiritia Collector at Mylene but Basara blocks it with his arm. He gets mad and punches the vampire out because the beam hurt him. He tells Mylene that he's Ok then they start running again.

Mylene asks if he wants to go out and sing again because the alarm has sounded for an attack and that he can leave her alone already. Basara however says no. They emerge in the City 7 forrest near of the entrance of Akusho. Mylene tells him to go ahead and she'll just stay in Ray's place. Basara grabs her carries her on his shoulders and says that they'll go together.

Once again Basara flies out to sing in the battle, Gamlin tries to force him away with talk, while Gigil tries to shoot down Basara.

Lord Gepernich contacts Gigil and orders him to infiltrate City 7 in order to get the Spiritia from the raiding party of vampires. Gigil gets mad at Gepernich's orders because he would rather be collecting Spiritia from the Macross 7 fighters.

The battle has now been moved inside City 7. One of Gigil's men detects the signal of the vampires on the roof top. They launch a capsule to the enemy battloid and he catches it. With the operation completed, the enemy retreats. Basara gets pissed that once again he had not been able to finish his song. The infiltration of the enemy fighters into Macross 7 also gave the military the chance to take clearer pictures of the enemy fighters for analysis.

Lt. Kinryuu complains to Max about the civilian fighter being allowed to be a nuisance during a battle. Max however assures them to leave it up to him and not to worry about the Civilian Valkyrie. Diamond Force, especially Gamlin, is irked with Max's reply.

Basara walks back to his apartment complex and sees Ray leaving with Mylene. Mylene tells him that Ray's bringing her home. Basara says that he'll come along but Mylene says that there is no need. Basara insists and tells her he's more worried about Guvava.

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