Saturday, April 18, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 39: Basara Returns

Basara plays his guitar sullenly at his apartment while remembering the events leading to Gigil's self sacrifice to save Sivil. Ray and Akiko are viewing footage of Basara in his VF-19 in combat provided by the military. Akiko is having the video spliced together and edited. Ray wonders what the military is planning next and why they agreed to give the footage to Akiko. He thinks that the military will hope it will be a promotion video for them when shown.

Macross 7 - Episode 39:  Basara Returns

Gavil and Gepernitch are discussing the events of Gigil's and Volga's death. Gepernitch says that it happened as predicted in his dream. Gepernitch laments on the wasted Spiritia to bring back Valgo, only to be killed by Gigil. Gepernitch blames all the events on Sivil. Gepernitch orders Gavil to attack Macross 7.

Gamlin and Mylene go out. Mylene asks Gamlin on whether he is sure of not returning to the military. Gamlin answers that he is sure, but Mylene follows it up with the question as to why he decided to go out and fight during the last attack even if he isn't part of the military. Gamlin doesn't answer that its because of wanting to protect her that he decided to fight the enemy. He answers instead that retired soldiers are usually required to fight from time to time.

Mylene asks him what he's plans are after this and he said that he has none, to which she scolds him because its an important thing to be concerned about. At the concert of Alice Holiday, Mylene suddenly comments to Gamlin that he's good at being a pilot and she cannot imagine him not being one.

Max and Exsedol are viewing footage of the protodevlin. Exsedol relates that the creatures they are seeing are called "Evil" and were created by the protoculture to defeat the Zentradi (who had revolted against them). Max answers that the "Evil" had to be possessed by another being, which was the protodevlin, before they could be used against the Zentradi. Further investigation seems to prove that people with Zentradi blood develop a reaction when they come in contact with the protodevlin, some turn violent and excited without reason. As the case of Exsedol he became frightened all of a sudden while Milia reported strange sensations.

Gavil attacks with a squadron of mecha. The Jamming Birds and Sound Force launch to defend Macross 7. Gamlin also appears to repel the attackers. During routine maintenance of Basara's VF-19 it was found out to have too extensive damage that it wasn't allowed to join in the battle. Basara however takes off with the still damaged VF-19 and start's playing his music. This removes the brainwashing from the captured Macross 5 pilots that Gavil brought with him. Gavil complains to Gepernitch that the new brainwashing is failing and Gepernitch says to just let it happen. Gavil attacks Basara but Basara just repels him with his song energy. Gamlin fires and destroys Gavil's Battloid forcing him to flee.

At the Fire Bomber concert, the video that Akiko was working on is being shown as the band plays. The crowd is shocked by the footage of Basara singing to the sleeping Sivil at the forest. The footage was given by Janet to Akiko upon Basara's request.

Janet's brother, Michael (Milia's bodyguard) asks her why she just gave the footage considering that she could have become famous had she released them for herself. Janet says that its her way of thanking Basara for inspiring her to aim for the Galactic Pulitzer prize.

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