Saturday, April 18, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 38: Sivil of the Forbidden Planet

Night time and Gigil and a sleeping Sivil are hiding under a bush in a forest as a flight of Valkyries from Macross 7 are looking for them. Mylene, Gamlin and Basara are riding a tranport to take them back to Macross 7. Flower girl is seen on a cliff watching the now flying Battle 7 dock with City 7.

Macross 7 Episode 38 Sivil of the Forbidden Planet

Miria is having a discussion with Max as to why they weren't informed that ruins of the protoculture were discovered. Max says that without much information he didn't want to bother her, but he'll be sure to do so in the future. Their conversation is interupted with news that there are energy ships above the planet Lux. Before Max steps out, Miria stops him and fixes his uniform, Max delights in the affection shown by Miria.

Upon reaching the bridge a message from Gepernitch is shown on her plans to place them in their Spiritia Farm. Where they will live on the planet Lux and their bodies will be drained of Spiritia. Exsedol sums it up that the protodevlin's plan is to use them like livestock. Max orders a search for a means of escape from the planet Lux and the protodevlin overhead.

Mylene and Basara arrive back at the apartment complex. Ray asks Basara how his journey went and Basara answers that it was amazing because he got to see the Galaxy. Mylene asks whether he is planning to leave again and whether they can play again together as Fire Bomber. Basara guarantee's that they will play again as a band and they start practising. Basara see's the flower he left behind blooming already and proceeds to sing.

Just as Sivil and Gigil are about to be captured by the VF-11 squadron a flight of protodevlin led by Gavil destroys them. Sivil wakes up and immobilizes a protodevlin battloid. She calls out to Basara. Basara suddenly stops playing and informs the rest of Fire Bomber that Sivil is calling him. As the Battloid is immobilized Gigil throws out the pilot and takes the Battloid for himself. Gavil tells them that Lord Gepernitch had ordered them to be killed.

Macross 7 orders its planes to find a way to escape but their fighters are destroyed from above by the protodevlin armada lying in orbit around the planet. Max orders a fold from the planet's surface but they find out that the protodevlin Valgo is near their fleet and is a generating a field that causes their fold generators to fail.

Max sends out fighters to attack Valgo, who is defended by a swarm of protodevlin Battloids. Joining the fight are Gamlin and Fire Bomber. Fire Bomber's sound energy hurts Valgo but Basara suddenly breaks off the attack after hearing Sivil in trouble.

Gigil's Battloid gets destroyed and he flies out from it and fires and energy wave at Grabil, Gavil wonders how he is able to do that since his true body is still hibernating in the Varauta planet. Basara arrives and fires a sound energy beam to dislodge Sivil from Grabil. Gigil starts to sing one of Basara's song. As Fire Bomber arrives they are surprised that Gigil is singing. Basara joins him and their singing causes Grabil to flee. An enraged Gavil knocks Gigil to the floor, killing his human form. Gavil then attacks Sivil and she screams.

Gigil awakens from his hibernation in Varauta and teleports to Lux. There people are able to see his true form, as a giant monster. Gigil starts to emanate black energy from his form which destroys everything in its path, both friend or foe. Sound Force's singing generates a sound energy field around them that prevents the dark energy from destroying them. Basara tells Gigil to stop because the energy is also destroying him.

As the energy field from Gigil grows larger, it destroys Valgo and releases Macross 7 from his fold preventing grip. Max see's this as a chance to escape and orders the fleet to fold from the planet's surface. Gigil's energy destroy's half the planet and is threatening to destroy Gepernitch's armada orbiting the planet.

Gepernitch realizes that his plans for a Spiritia farm have ended with Gigil's sacrifice to save Sivil. As he orders his fleet to fold out of the energy's path he decides to think of a new plan to fulfill his dream.

Macross 7 fleet takes a lot of losses as some ships weren't able to fold out in time. They watch as the planet breaks up from a distance.

With his last breath, Gigil sings Basara's "My Soul for You" to Sivil as his body crumbles like dust. The planet soon after disintegrates.

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