Friday, April 17, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 37: The Mystery of the Ruins

Just as Gamlin and Mylene land on the Alien structure that rose from the sea with Sivil, Basara and Gigil on it, Sivil suddenly blasts the three of them off the planet Lux.

Macross episode-37 The Mystery of the Ruins

Exsedol is seen being carried to the ruins and escorted by a flight of VF-11 Thunderbolts. Max talks to him on the way there and asks him what has him worried lately that prevents him from going out of Battle 7. Yet at the news of the discovered ruins he flies out without hesitation.

Exsedol says that he believes there is information in the ruins that could help explain further the relationship between humans and zentradi. More specifically, information with regards to the protoculture race that created the zentradi and influenced the evolution of mankind (as per Macross Zero series) since it was rumored that they once resided in this area of the galaxy.

Upon seeing the alien ruins Exsedol confirms that it indeed belongs to the Protoculture race. A visibly depressed Mylene sits on the ruins as Gamlin guides the aircraft flight carrying Exsedol to land on the ruins.

High above the planets orbit, Gepernitch's flag ship can be seen hiding behind some asteriods surrounding the planet Lux. He is informed by a brainwashed underling that an alien structure has been detected on the surface. Upon seeing the structure, Gepernitch says that it belongs to the protoculture race. As it stands in between the fulfilment of his dream he orders the structure destroyed.

As Exsedol's contingent enters the protoculture building, the structure begins to shake and walls with paintings of the history of the protoculture behind them suddenly drop down. The paintings depict the history of the protoculture and is written in script similar to the ones used by the Zentradi. Exsedol is able to read and decipher the writings on the wall.

The first writings state that they called themselves the Protoculture for having developed a culture for themselves at the beginning of the universe. According to the writings on the wall, they were a peaceful race that ventured into farming and industry. As their numbers grew they eventually split off into two groups. Soon they were able to develop space faring technologies and travelled to other planets.

A war broke out between the two factions and that was when they decided to engineer the giant race of Zentradi to fight their wars for them. The war escalated and even more powerful weapons were created by them. But they were soon destroyed by the Protodevlin.

They reach the end of the corridor and find a closed door that has writing that says only a symbol of unity can open it. Unable to open it, one of the soldier fires his gun at the door, Gamlin shouts for him to stop. Metal shafts shoot out from the ceiling, one of which grazes Mylene's arm. The blood from Mylene drops to the floor and it triggers the door to open.

They are greeted by a human form who tells them that only a mixed race being, symbolizing peace between races, would be able to open the door and cause him to awaken. Since Mylene was of mixed Zentradi and Human parentage she was a symbol for unity.

The human form tells them that the Protodevlin crossed over to this galaxy from another galaxy. These beings needed spiritia in order to survive and so consumed other beings in the universe. However they were on a path to extinction because they're consumption would eventually lead to the loss of beings with spiritia to supply them. It was only a mysterious force known as Anima Spiritia that was able to contain them by putting them into a deep sleep.

Just then Gavil and some protodevlin mecha attack the structure. The human form says that any Protodevlin who try to get near will be destroyed but the Anima Spiritia will be allowed to enter. The structure erects and energy barrier around itself that prevents Gavil and his mecha from entering. Battle 7 scrambles Emerald force to fight off the attacking protodevlin from the ruins. Gamlin and Mylene also scramble to fight off the protodevlin.

Gavil eventually is able to break through the energy field that Grabil had already weakened with his energy blasts. As he descends into the barrier, blasts of energy from the structure destroy his mecha. Just as the human form is about to answer Exsedol's question as to who the Anima Spiritia is, Gavil comes in (having escaped from his mecha) and destroys it causing the entire structure to collapse.

With their mission accomplished the protodevlin retreat. Exsedol picks himself up from the fallen ruins. Max and Exsedol discuss afterwards that the reason why the protodevlin wanted to destroy the ruins was so that the means to their defeat would not be exposed.

Outside the ruined structure Gamlin laments that he wasn't able to protect the ruins. Mylene comes in singing happily and tells Gamlin that she is happy because this was the first time she heard him call her by her first name informally (without the "-san" in the last to signify respect in the Japanese language)

The episode ends with a shot of Basara lying on a wind swept field of grass.

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