Friday, April 17, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 36: Men's Passionate Song

Orbiting above the planet Lux is Lord Gepernitch's flag ship. A brainwashed underling tells him that they have the entire planet surrounded. Lord Gepernitch tells the be-helmeted underling that he is worried that the Anima Spiritia is changing both Gigil and Sivil.

Macross 7 - Ep 36: Men's Passionate Song

On the planet Lux it is evening for Gamlin, Mylene and Basara. Gamlin is posting watch near the fire, Mylene is sleeping soundly in the tent with the radio blaring, while Basara is asleep in his Gerwalk VF-19.

Basara dreams about the time when he was young and playing his guitar while singing to a large mountain. The dream suddenly changes with the young Basara transforming to the older Basara and on the top of the mountain stands Sivil. The mountain disappears and they are both out in space, Sivil then suddenly flies away from him. Basara suddenly wakes up then flies off with his Valkyrie, leaving both Gamlin and Mylene. Gamlin is awakened by the jet blast and is surprised by Basara's sudden departure. Gamlin asks him what his purpose in leaving is but he doesn't answer. Mylene is awakened by Basara's Gerwalk converting to Valkyrie mode and asks Gamlin what all the noise is about. Gamlin tells her that Basara has once again run off. This wakes Mylene up from her drowsiness.

The scene cuts to a seashore near Battle 7 where a jeep riding Barton screams at a platoon of new Jamming Bird recruits to keep up their singing while jogging. Max watches the platoon from Battle 7 and reflects that its a bad idea to send civilians to sing in Battle. He looks down on an image of Mylene on a desk and reflects that its a bad idea too to send Mylene and Basara off to sing during a battle. He calls up Ray Lovelock for any news on Mylene but he replies in the negative.

On a cliff, flower girl is seen holding a bouquet of flowers and listening to fire bomber's song. A strong wind knocks the flowers and radio she is holding causing it to fall into the sea below.

While flying in Valkyrie mode Basara suddenly see's a large mountain of smoke. Calling it interesting he flies through the mountain of smoke. His VF-19 suddenly loses power and the plane starts spiraling down. Just as he is about to hit the ocean he regains power and pulls up just in time. He see's the source of the smoke and it is a burning volcano. At the tip of the volcano is a standing, but still sleeping, giant-sized Sivil. Sivil is encased around energy rings.

Basara flies to her but as he gets close his plane loses power once again. To save from crashing into the sea, he changes to Battroid mode and grabs hold of a cliff's wall. Without any jets he climbs up till he reaches the ledge. There Gigil greets him upon arriving. Basara is suprised to see Gigil.

Gamlin suggests to Mylene that they split up in order to make finding Basara faster.

Basara screams to Sivil to wait for him then flies off in Gerwalk form. Basara chases after him in Valkyrie form but soon crashes. Gigil comments to himself that energy faults are what's preventing aircraft from flying near Sivil. Basara figures this out for himself and chases after Gigil in Gerwalk mode. Gigil initially blocks him but Basara is soon able to overtake him.

Basara converts to Battloid mode and proceeds to climb up the volcano. Gigil arrives after Basara and tells Sivil that he will save her before starting to climb.

Mylene is singing in the cockpit when Gamlin tells her that her singing also triggers the sound energy detector to activate making it difficult to pick up Basara. Mylene apologizes for this.

A loose rock makes Basara slip and fall all the way down. He is covered by rocks and loses consciousness. Gigil continues to climb the volcano when he suddenly stops and looks down at Basara's rock covered battloid. He heads back down and starts freeing Basara's battloid from the debris. He asks himself why he is compelled to this while carrying heavy boulders away.

Basara suddenly wakes up and wonders why his Battloid cannot move and he cannot see anything. Just then Gamlin removes a boulder that allows Basara's battloid to break free. He scolds Basara's clumsiness for getting in his way. Basara asks him why he helped him, Gigil says that he didn't help him because he is using him to wake up Sivil and not to worry as he will kill him afterwards. Basara say's that it was he who woke up Sivil, Gigil answers that he's a fool because Sivil still isn't awake. Gigil then proceeds to climb up the volcano again.

Gigil looses his footing and starts to fall when Basara catches him. Gigil tells him to not get in his way, then screams at Basara on why he still hasn't sung. Basara screams back that he will sing when he wants to.

Gamlin wonders whether Basara really has forgotton how to sing. Mylene thinks out loud what the hell is Basara up to.

Basara suggests to Gigil that they should stop climbing and use this cave instead to get to Sivil because Gigil's battloid has sustained too much damage already. Gigil tells him to not order him around then he proceeds to climb. But his battloid's arm suddenly falls off forcing him to follow Basara's suggestion.

While walking in the cave, the floor suddenly gives way to a pit of lava. Unable to use his jets Basara catches the falling Gigil's arm and saves him. Gigil asks him what his purpose in saving him is when they start falling into the lava pit because the energy faults are causing Basara's battloid to lose power in his jets. In a rage, Gigil starts firing all his weapons, Basara tells him to stop struggling or else they'll both fall into the lava flow.

Gigil gets out of his already sinking Battloid and hangs onto Basara's. He tells Basara that he's not ready to die until he has saved Sivil. This encourages Basara. Suddenly Basara's battloid has enough power to get out of the pit.

Basara punches through a rock wall to get to the chamber where Sivil is staying. Upon their arrival, the small body of Sivil stops projecting her giant image at the tip of the volcano then proceeds to float down a small hole at the floor of the chamber.

Gigil races after her but is caught in a wall of energy, electrocuting him. Basara uses his Battloid to get Gigil free but in the process gets trapped too in the energy wall. He shouts for Gigil to hurry up. As Gigil runs Basara gets out of the Battloid and chases after him with his guitar and sound energy booster pack.

Gigil chases after Sivil by clinging to the edge of the hole while screaming for her to wake up. The chamber is starting to collapse around them and the volcano can be seen sinking down the ocean. Basara starts singing to Sivil.

Gamlin and Guvava detect Basara's singing. Gamlin tells Mylene that there is a difference in Basara's sound energy from before. Mylene comments that truly Basara has decided to sing again.

Gigil watches Basara singing then proceeds to sing with him. As they do this Sivil starts floating upwards and opens her eyes slightly. She suddenly opens her eyes and says that she hears the sound of Basara's voice and starts to scream. Just then the water from the ocean comes crashing down around them.

Gamlin and Mylene arrive to see the Volcano sink into the ocean. Gamlin remarks that they are too late, but just then Sivil's scream can be heard then followed by Basara's singing. Gamlin and Mylene see a huge alien structure emerge from beneath the ocean with Basara, Gigil and Sivil on it.

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