Thursday, April 16, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 35: An Evening for Two

With Fire Bomber concerts being cancelled, plus the fact that Mylene and Basara are missing, have the public worried that the band is breaking up. In an ambush interview by paparazzi, Ray assures them that the band is not breaking up. When pressed about the relationship between Mylene and Basara, Akiko hurriedly pulls him in the building.

Macross 7 - Ep 35:  An evening for two

An image in a magazine showing Basara carrying off Mylene fuels speculations of their relationship. Once Max gets hold of it he contacts Miria who tells him not to worry because Gamlin is watching over Mylene.

The Battle 7 council meets on the disappearance of the two main singers of Sound Force. Barton expresses confidence that the Jamming Birds can cover the loss, but Capt. Max counters that they don't seem ready yet. The council agrees that they have no choice but to rely on Sound Force while repairs are being conducted on Battle 7 to make it fight worthy again.

Mylene and Gamlin try to find Basara with the Sound Energy Detector given by Dr. Chiba, but since Basara isn't singing there is nothing for it to track on. Mylene is surprised when Gamlin tells her that he already quit the military, stating that he didn't understand the purpose of the military anymore. This gets Mylene miffed as she thinks that both Gamlin and Basara are over thinking too much and that Gamlin is condoning Basara's actions.

Gamlin asks Mylene if she's ready to go but she notices that Guvava hasn't returned yet so they go out looking for him. Gamlin scolds Mylene for losing Guvava since he was her responsibility. Mylene takes the criticism well.

Gamlin concludes that Guvava must have gone off by himself to look for Basara. He asks whether Mylene can telepathically locate Guvava since they are connected. Mylene says she can't feel him to find him at that instant.

During the night time, while camped, Gamlin asks the story of how Guvava became her pet. She relates that Max found him during a scouting mission in the Pukirases system and gave him to her. Ever since they have never been apart. Gamlin suggests that maybe Mylene should sing so that Guvava can find them.

During the night they are forced out of their tent when a giant brontosaurus like monster visits them to put out their campfire. This forces them to sleep in their Valkyries.

Emerald Force is seen conducting some mock attacks on the Jamming Birds in order to get them used to singing in a combat environment. Max and Exedol are observing the training. Exedol comments to Max that he's wondering why the protodevlin have not wiped out Macross 7 and why Basara's singing affects them so. Max nods in agreement.

Guvava finds Basara playing in the desert and signals to Mylene telepathically. Just then he is chased by the same creature that attacked Mylene and Gamlin during the night. Gamlin and Mylene arrive in time to rescue him from the creature. Gamlin grapples with the creature to drive it off.

An even more larger creature runs up to attack Mylene, just when Gamlin is about to fire Basara blocks his aim. Basara explains to him that it was just a parent trying to protect its young. Gamlin suggests to Mylene to sing to the creature to calm it down. As Mylene sings the creature gradually calms down and stops its attack.

After the encounter, Gamlin asks Basara if he is ready to comeback to City 7 already. He doesn't answer. Mylene says to Basara that she thinks he is looking for what the true power of sound is and having seen her calm the beast with her singing had found it. Basara however just shrugs his shoulders and leaves. Gamlin then suggests for them to follow him.

Gigil can be seen in his damaged Battroid walking while singing one of Basara's songs. He screams out Sivil's name at the end of his song.

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