Thursday, April 16, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 34: The Day Gigil Sang

Mylene asks Ray if he thinks Basara will play during their concert today, given that Basara is usually just late for their concerts but eventually shows up. This time however Ray answers that he's not sure, he's sure however that Basara will eventually come back.
Macross 7 - Ep 34: The Day Gigil Sang

Basara is seen walking in a desert in his Battloid, he contemplates that his singing was not enough to wake Sivil and it was the combination of that and the Spiritia that Gigil collected for her that truly woke her up.

Firebomber starts the concert with Mylene taking up the lead vocal role with Basara nowhere to be found. Basara can be seen sitting beside his Battloid during the night, infront of a camp fire. He doesn't notice that Sivil passes by from a distance with Gigil chasing after her in his Battroid.

In the Protodevlin base, Lord Gepernitch says that Sivil stands in the way of his Dream and wants her to be destroyed before she awakens. Gavil volunteers for the job. Lord Gepernitch orders him and Valgo to destroy her but Gavil doesn't want Valgo to go with him. Valgo answers that he too finds Gavil to be a nuisance but relents for the sake of completing the task before Sivil awakens.

During the concert, Ray tells Mylene that this will be their last song as it looks like she looks tired already. Mylene says she can still sing and will continue singing till Basara comes back. Veffidas then suddenly shocks everybody by saying that Basara won't come back till he finds what he's looking for. Ray then tells Mylene to go look for Basara since she wants to find him.

Grabil finds Sivil and proceeds to attack her. Valgo also sends off his pink minions to attack Sivil but in the process also end up attacking Grabil. Gavil gets mad at Valgo for attacking Grabil and the two end up having a go at it. Just then Gigil comes in to attack them which allows Sivil to fly away.

Gamlin is under room arrest for having punched Barton in the last episode. Milia visits him to tell him that he has been placed under her supervision and is free to go out. Gamlin reflects that it was wrong what he did to strike Barton. Milia agrees, but if it weren't for Gamlin punching Barton first, she would have ended up punching Barton instead. So she gives her Thanks to Gamlin for this.

Gamlin gives her his insignia and tells her he's quiting the military. Milia agrees to his decision but informs him that Mylene has gone off to search for Basara. As a hint that she wants to help him go after Mylene she offers as his separation pay from the military a VF-17 Valkyrie.

Gavil orders Grabil to chase after Sivil while he and Valgo destroy Gigil. As he is about to be finished off, Gigil starts to sing one of Basara's song. Both Valgo and Gavil are distracted long enough for Gigil to escape from them.

Basara suddenly stops playing the guitar when he broke one of the guitar strings. Grabil lands infront of Basara who was playing the guitar by the sea. Basara tries to make him listen to his song but realizes that he can't because a guitar string is broken. Gavil then also arrives to help in finishing off Basara.

Mylene arrives in time but instead of fighting off the protodevlin right away she stops to apologize to Basara for telling the military the location of Sivil when she was in a comatose state. He answers that there was no need to go to that extreme just to say that. Grabil then interrupts their conversation by attacking Mylene so she is forced to defend herself with her singing.

Mylene asks Basara why he won't sing and wonders if its because of her he won't sing anymore. Basara says its not because of her. In her frustration her sound energy increases to attack Grabil. Gavil attacks her with a swarm of missiles from his Battroid but before they can connect Gamlin arrives and shoots them down. Gamlin also shouts at Basara and asks him why he isn't singing. Gamlin severely damages Gavil forcing both them and Gravil to retreat.

A crash landed Gigil is seen still singing before passing out. Basara rides his Battloid and once again walks away from the looking Mylene and Gamlin. He doesn't answer Mylene's question, as to why he still doesn't sing and what is it he is looking for, as he walks off.

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