Thursday, April 16, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 32: Jamming Birds

The band Firebomber is watching a local news report which has a story on the recruitment drive of the Military to get new members into Sound Force. Basara comments that it is a useless exercise as no one will show up. Just then they get a call from Col. Barton who seems to head Project M that Sound Force is under. He asks if he can help by being a judge in the selection of the new group that will be called Jamming Birds. When the message ends he says that he won't help because it has nothing to do with him then he leaves.
Macross 7 Episode 32 - Jamming Birds

The auditions are turning out to be a beauty contest with Dr. Chiba and other military brass asking interview questions to the candidate on stage who are wearing bathing suits. The entire Macross 7 inhabitants are also fixated on their television screens watching the show. Bridge operator Miho Miho is embarrassed upon hearing some of the questions asked as they are too personal. Upon asked by Sally, it turns out that Miho Miho applied for the group but didn't make it past the first round. To console her Sally says that she too applied.

Maximillian Jenius wonders while watching the show if it is all worth it to form a new group. Exedol comments that it is worth to try even if it is a failure, at least they get to see young women in bathing suits. It is then that Miria turns up as the next candidate to be interviewed then she proceeds to sing without being asked. Max bangs his hand on his head in exasperation.

The military brass request her to stop singing then ask her why she auditioned. She said that as the mayor of the City it is her job to protect the city in every way possible. The crowd cheers wildly at this point.

Bobby Lacoste then comes up on stage. He was the actor who was supposed to have played Hikaru Ichijo in the Lynn Minmei Story Movie together with Mylene but was incapacitated when they were attacked by the protodevlin vampires. Bobby, was voiced by Arihiro Hase who played Hikaru Ichijo in the original Macross series. When he is doing his bit on stage the scene pans to his screaming fans, one of whom looks very much like Minmay.

Basara is seen playing for the still sleeping Sivil with Gigil watching on. In another part of the ship Dr. Chiba is expressing his apprehension with the military's plan to establish a second group of Sound Force units to Gamlin. Chiba believes that it is only the band Fire Bomber who has the power to use the Sound Energy Boosters he designed. While saying this Barton overhears him and berates him for speaking against the project where anybody could hear him. He said that as was the case of Lynn Minmei, who he believed was just an ordinary pop star whose power grew as she used it, so too could anybody develop the power to counter the protodevlin with their singing. Chiba apologizes for his comments to Barton.

As Basara steps out of his apartment building a military vehicle stops in front of him. Armed military men come out and surround him and ask him to come with them to Barton. Upon reaching the military's place he is led to a conference room where Barton is staying along with the other 10 successful candidates for the Jamming Birds group.

Barton asks Basara to help them narrow down the group to only six candidates and to help them train them to sing. Basara refuses to which he is berated by the military officers present telling him that the purpose that Sound Force exists is to confuse the enemy with their singing so that the military can attack. Basara says that that isn't the reason why he sings then leaves.

An irked Barton orders some military men to take away Basara's Battroid from his apartment complex. When asked by Mylene and Ray where they are taking it, they say for maintenance.

Barton then introduces the Jamming Birds to the public and asks them for their support. Basara is seen playing his guitar when Ray asks him whether he is going to the launch of Jamming Birds. Rays comments that maybe Basara should reflect on the purpose and reason for his singing.

At the launch party as the Jamming Birds (3 males and 3 females) perform on stage, Akiko is approached by Suzuki who initially was supposed to manage Fire Bomber but gave up because he couldn't get Basara to sing the way he wanted him to. Suzuki says that he will be the one managing the Jamming Birds and they could soon beat Fire Bomber in the Galactic Charts because they are better organized.

As Suzuki leaves Akiko gives him the tongue when Ray approaches her. He expresses his worry to her and his doubts as to the effectiveness of the Jamming Birds. He says that he wouldn't want to see their young lives wasted on the battlefield if the project fails.

And on cue Gavil attacks with another squadron of brainwashed Macross 5 Zentradi. Unlike Fire Bomber who fly their own planes, the members of Jamming Bird sit at the backseat of a VF-11 flown by a military pilot. They are ineffective and easily defeated in battle as they are unable to sing with all the action going around them. Bobby once again manages to get his Spiritia sucked out of him by the protodevlin.

Mylene and Ray fly into battle and Mylene's singing proves effective to remove the brainwashing of the Zentradi pilots. Gavil however counters with a brainwashing beam to put the pilots under his control again. Gamlin wonders why Basara still hasn't joined the battle.

Scene cuts to a maintenance hangar where military men are preventing Basara from opening a hangar door to his Battroid. Gamlin arrives and forces the hangar doors open with his Battroid.

While prepping his Battloid for take off he tells himself that he owes Gamlin for helping him with this. In the battle Basara uses his sound energy to remove the brainwashing of the Macross 5 pilots. Frustrated, Gavil proceeds to attack Basara but the energy from Basara's singing damages his Mecha and forces him to retreat.

As Chiba talks to Barton on how the Jamming Birds weren't ready for the battle Barton retorts that they just need more exposure to prepare them for actual battle and attributes their failure to confuse the enemy this. Barton still believes that the purpose of song in the battle is to confuse the enemy.

With the battle over, Basara still continues singing over the battlefield leaving Mylene to wonder. Ray answers that Basara is just trying to figure out the real reason on why he sings so to just let him continue singing.

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