Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 31: Passionate Scandal

Mylene shows a local gossip magazine to the band while they are practising. The frontpage article compares Basara to Lynn Minmei, who was able to tame the Zentradi during the 1st Space War with only her singing. Basara asks why Mylene even bothers to buy that magazine and she answers because they're interesting.

Scene cuts to a magazine's office where the editor talks to Janet, a female reporter, and commends her for the article because their sales have jumped up. He expects other magazines to follow suite so he is expecting more articles from her about Basara. At her desk she calls somebody on her phone and tells that person that she is going to use the paparazzi like picture of Basara together with Rex and Ray Lovelock at their apartment and expects more of the same shots in the future. I'm assuming this was taken during the time that Rex asked help from Ray and Basara for tips on how to fly a Valkyrie.

Lord Gepernitch and Gavil are seen moving in the protodevlin's sleep chamber. There Lord Gepernitch revives Valgo, another protodevlin in a comatose state. Based from Gavil's reaction to Gepernitch's actions it can be assumed that the two do not get along. Gepernitch tells Valgo that he woke him because he saw him in his dream.

Basara can be seen playing with his sound booster suit on in the forest as he tries to revive the sleeping Sivil with his singing. Gigil still continues to watch from a distace.

A robot can be seen peddling a magazine with the paparazzi shot of Basara on the frontpage together with Rex. The difference is that the image of Ray Lovelock has been edited out from the picture and the accompanying store says that the two have a secret relationship going on. Mylene purchases the article and concludes that the two indeed are having a relationship. She drives toward Basara's apartment to ask about them but is greeted by a mob of reporters who are also waiting for Basara.

She parks her car in the adjacent lot which reveals to have a secret passageway towards Basara and Ray Lovelock's apartment building. Ray and Mylene are discussing the article since Basara is not around to be questioned. Ray thinks that the photo is old since Rex has not been around lately.

Outside the magazine's office Rex's biker gang is making noise, squealing their tires, while demanding that the magazine stop printing lies. Rex approaches her gang and tells them to stop what their doing since it is pointless. Just then Basara arrives. Seeing that Janet is taking pictures of them, she offers him a ride and they speed off with Janet still taking photos.

Michael receives a call from Miria's phone and he hurriedly ends the call by telling the person not to call him here. When asked by Miria who the caller was he says its nobody. From here it can be deduced that its Michael who is feeding Janet the pictures of Basara.

Rex and Basara are discussing all that has happened while watching the sunset, she asks if he is going to be ok with this, but he doesn't seem to notice what all the attention is about. Rex drops Basara off a sidewalk. She asks him who is going to see and Basara says a beautiful sleeping person in the woods. As Rex leaves and Basara enters the sewage Janet can be seen observing him from a distance.

The following days gossip magazine headlines announce that Basara Nekki was the secret love child of Hikaru Ichijo and Lynn Min Mei. Both major characters of Macross SDF1 and friends of Max and Milia Jenius. In the band's place Mylene and Ray read out the articles to Basara and Mylene asks which one of them are true. Basara retorts that she's a fool and leaves. Mylene asks Ray, since he knew Basara more earlier than her. Ray answers that he hardly knows anything about Basara's past.

Outside a throng of reporters mob Basara. Janet drives up and offers Basara a ride away from paparazzi. Inside the car she offers to write the true story about Basara. She asks why she saw him going to the sewers, since he doesn't answer she says that she guesses its because he's seeing Mylene there.

The following day Mylene is shocked to see a picture of her with Basara in the forest. An irked Miria screams at Michael for allowing something like that to happen since Mylene is supposed to be under his protection. Gamlin upon reading the article remarks whether its possible to be true. While driving, Mylene is chased by paparazzi in a van who ask her about her relationship with Basara. She steps on the gas and speeds away from them.

Janet follows Basara to the forest and she see's him singing to Sivil. An impatient Gigil finally shows himself to Basara and tells him to sing with more Spiritia in order to wake Sivil. In the process he lands a few punches on Basara's faced. Basara doesn't retaliate and just picks himself up and continues singing. Janet then shows herself and tells Gigil to stop. Not wanting the news of their presence in Macross 7 to break out, he runs to Janet to kill her but Basara steps in his way. Gigil continues to hit Basara for him to get out of the way but Basara holds his ground. He eventually stops and starts to cry, asking Basara who he is singing for and eventually begins questioning his own existence. Gigil then runs away from the scene. Sivil can then be seen opening her eyes slightly.

Valgo then materializes on the surface of the planet Lux. He lets loose some pinkish protodevlin beings from his body and orders them to get spiritia from Macross 7. The alarm is sounded on Battle 7 as the protodevlin appear on their radars. The dome of City 7, which was opened to let the atmosphere in, allows them easy access to the City. They proceed to suck the Spiritia from the inhabitants and grow in size as they consume more spiritia.

Upon seeing Basara in his Valkyrie with Sound Force, the pinkish protodevlins proceed to cover his entire Battroid with their bodies. Basara's sound energy cause them to disintegrate upon contact. Valgo retreats having been satisfied with having seen the power of Basara's anima spiritia.

Colonel Barton, a high military official, talks to Dr. Chiba and tells him that with the success of Sound Force they plan to expand Project M further. They will do this by mass producing more speaker units and more recruiting more cadres for Sound Force.

Mylene congratulates Basara for defeating the enemy but Basara is angry because he didn't intend for his music to be used for killing.

Janet can be seen in the office of the magazine where she informs the editor that she is quitting because she wants to stop writing fake gossip stories. Asked as to what she means by that, she answers that he would only be able to understand if he heard Basara sing. As she steps outside Michael arrives to give Janet more photos of Basara. But Janet says she doesn't need them anymore. Before leaving she says thank you to her big brother, Michael.

In the following day's issue the magazine shows a shot of Basara and Gamlin together, topless. Mylene asks Basara if the story is true and Basara answers why does she bother to think that way.

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