Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 29: Papa And Mama, Love Once Again

Curious as to where Basara goes out to every night, Mylene and Guvava decide to follow him. As she is about to step out the door from Ray Lovelock's room, Ray asks Mylene to not do that in order to respect Basara's privacy. Mylene however proceeds to argue that he should be worried too about Basara. She eventually loses him in a dark alley. Michael, her mother's bodyguard shows up in their car.
macross-7-episode 29

He asks her to come home because it is too late already for a young woman to be out at this time. He also tells her that her mother asked him to keep an eye on her. She however argues in the same tac as Ray that he should learn to respect other people's privacy. Michael reasons with her that the strained relationship of her parents would be even more strained if something happened to her.

Upon reaching home she checks her messages and see's that she got two messages from Lt. Gamlin from Diamond Force and one from Lt. Docker of Emerald Force. Gamlin tells her that he found a great restaurant and if she wanted he would show her where it is. Lt. Docker's message says that he became a fan of her's and her Dad, Max, agreed to introduced him to her. He is looking forward to meeting her.

Gavil explains to Gepelnitch that he created a defense weapon to the sound energy of Sound Force. Basically its earphones for Glavil. Gepelnitch says that the Anima Spiritia of Basara is a hindrance to her Spiritia Farm plans.

While preparing her bath she is suprised that her father would introduce her to someone. This leads to the self questioning as to who she takes after more? Her mother, City Mayor Milia or her father, Battle 7 Captain Maximillian. She then decides to find a way to get her parents back together.

Mylene shows up on the Bridge of Battle 7 dressed provocatively and loudly calls Max "Papa." Embarrased, Max is even more surprised to find out that the heavy sunglassed and maturely dressed woman is his daughter, Mylene. Max asks her to step out with him to further avoid embarassing him. The bridge ladies then proceed to gossip that the marriage of Max with Miria had indeed ended in divorce with the appearance of that girl calling Max "Papa" and if the Mayor knows about it. Exsedol tells them that Mylene is Max's daughter which shuts them up.

Max asks Mylene if she wants since its been a long time since they ate together. Mylene, not being hungry offers instead to go to a bar. Max asks Mylene why she knows of these kind of places and Mylene answers that Ray once brought her here. Max then realizes that Mylene is grown up already. Mylene plays the little girl part and asks Max if he would buy her a coat she saw in the City, he tells him that he just bought her a coat last year. Mylene then asks if it was ok if she moved back in with him since she is feeling lonely for her Dad. Max that that would be impossible, Mylene asks if she is living there with someone, Max says No.

Mylene asks Max if she's seen her play live and he says only on TV. Mylene gives Max tickets to their next concert saying that he should come because the experience of a live show is better than that on screen. Unknown to Max is that Milia has also been given tickets to the same concert.

Gavil and Glavil are seen departing to attack Macross 7 on the planet Lux.

At the concert, Mylene wonders where Basara is, Ray answers that he has no idea. Basara is seen at woody area playing a song to wake up Sivil who is asleep inside a ball of enery. Gigil is watching and ponders whether it is Basara who can wake Sivil out of her coma.

Milia gets delayed going to the concert because Michael makes a mistake in the directions while looking for a short cut. Max is reminded by Exsedol on the bridge that it is time for the concert. Max is surprised and hurriedly leaves.

Mylene worries that her parents still aren't in the two seats that she left for them. Without Basara still, Ray decides to start the concert. Max arrives in the parking lot and hops into the elevator. Just as he leaves Miria arrives and hopes into the opposite elevator. Max enters the concert hall from one door while Miria arrives from another.

Mylene sings sullenly while watching the two empty chairs meant for her parents. Sound energy then emanates from her suit to the two opposite entrance doors and wraps around her parents who are just entering. Max and Miria are surprised that they are seeing each other there. Mylene's singing begins to pep up. As the crowd watches them they both walk towards their seat. Milia offers Max to sit first but Max insists that she goes ahead. Max and Milia move closer while sitting and Miria remarks about those days when Mylene was still a baby while Max concurs.

The concert is cut short with the alarm sounding. Upon hearing the alarm Basara shouts to the sleeping Sivil that that is all for today and leaves. Gigil expresses his disgust at the attack with Basara having to leave. Max and Milia rush out the concert hall to the communication center. They are arguing as to who should be given access to the communications first as Max wants to contact the Bridge while Miria wants to contact the City Control. Miria stresses her point by slamming her hand on the communication control which results in the argument being displayed on the concert hall screen which Mylene and the rest of the concert goers are able to see.

Max and Miria are seen shoving each other out of the way in order to relay their commands. Mylene is disgusted and saddened seeing them fight. Veffidas suddenly starts beating her drums while the crowd cheers on Sound Force to meet the enemy. They then head of to their craft.

Outside, Diamond and Emerald Force are flying out to meet the enemy. While on the way Docker contacts Gamlin and brags to him that Mylene agreed to go out with him. Because she didn't say "No" to the offer it would mean that she agreed. Gamlin says that they should stop this chitchat.

Basara meets up with Sound Force in his own Valkyrie. Sound Force begins to play to combat Gavil and Glavil. The earmuffs worn by Gavil are effective as he isn't affected by Sound Force's songs.

Mylene see's both her parents arguing on screen and again sings without any heart. Ray approaches her Battloid and tells her to sing more as the Sound Boosters need more energy from her in order to function effectively. Reflecting on her arguing parents she suddenly stops singing. Ray starts asking her whats wrong to which she does not respond, but when the now placated Max and Miria call her and tell her to do her best and remember that she's their daughter, she finally starts singing again.

Ray instructs Basara and Mylene to sing a medley of two different songs simultaneously. It creates a sound flash effect that destroys the earmuffs and then scares off the protodevlin. Bridge operator Sally wonders how the singing was able to destroy the ear muffs considering that they couldn't hear the song. Exsedol explains that it was not the sound of the song that the protodevlin heard that defeated them, but rather the message from the heart of the singer.

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