Thursday, April 23, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 2: Spiritia Level

Macross 7 Episode 2 Spiritia LevelBasara can be seen in his apartment with his guitar composing a song. The song will eventually become the popular Fire Bomber known as "My Soul For You"

Gamlin is in the hospital visiting the semi-conscious Docker. Seen with him are the other families of the pilots who were hit by the green beam of the mysterious enemy that attacked Macross 7.

Gamlin remembers the instance wherein the beam intended for him hits Docker instead. Gamlin talks to Dr. Chiba and Dr. Chiba tells him that this is the first time for him to see something like this. The victims are hovering near death as their life signs are fading and that there seems to be no way to cure them.

Max and Exsedol review video of the battle and try to determine what the enemy's beam weapon is. Exsedol concludes that there isn't enough data to form an analysis. Max agrees and says they should send out a Conserax next time to gather data.

Sally tells Max that Ray Lovelock has arrived for his appointment with him. The scene shows Max and Ray talking but their conversation is muted.

Milia's car is seen chasing after Mylene's red sports car. Mylene yells out loud, until when will they stop following her around. Her video turns on and Milia is on screen and answers her, when she decides to stop. She asks her where she is going. Mylene turns her screen off but Milia just calls her again and asks her to pull over. Mylene however pulls quickly into a fork in the elevated highway preventing Milia from following. Milia gets mad at her bodyguard and driver, Michael, for having lost her.

Michael sees that Myelene is going to Akusho via a tunnel. Michael however warns Milia that Akusho is an unregistered vessel of the Macross 7 fleet and is a dangerous place to be in. Milia tells him to just continue following her. Michael enters the tunnel but finds out that its not really meant for cars because it has stairs and they bang up Milia's car pretty badly.

Mylene hides her car and runs up to Ray and Basara's crumbling apartment complex. She knocks at Ray's apartment door and hears Milia's car approaching. She calls out to Ray more loudly. Basara comes out of his apartment and tells her that she's being too noisy and that Ray isn't in. She asks Basara where Ray went but he answers that he doesn't know.

Mylene asks Basara if he'll allow her to come in his room, Basara asks what for. Mylene says to just let her in, Basara answers to come in if she wants to. She asks how to enter his room since he's talking to her via a hole from the ceiling. Basara tells her to enter the door in front of her.

She enters and see's that there is a step ladder from that room heading up to his room. She calls the room weird since the kitchen and living area is on the first floor while his sleeping area is on the second. Basara tells her that she doesn't have to enter if she doesn't like.

Mylene hears Milia and Michael coming up the stairs, she asks Basara where she can hide. Basara tells her she can hide wherever she likes. She climbs up the step ladder and hides under Basara's bed. She pulls Basara's blanket down to hide herself and the bottom of the bed.

Milia knocks on the door and Basara answers. Basara asks her who she is but before she can answer Michael answers for her by telling him that she's Mayor Milia. Basara pulls Michael's leg by saying that he's Mayor Milia? Michael asks him if he even knows who Mayor Milia is and starts to enumerate the accomplishments of Milia. Basara interrupts him by saying that he knows who Mayor Milia is.

Michael asks him where Mylene is, but Basara answers that he doesn't know. Michael argues that Basara is hiding Mylene and Basara answers that he really doesn't know where she is. Michael forces his way in and Basara trips him. Michael asks him why he did that and Basara tells him that nobody enters his room without permission. He grabs the much larger Michael by the hand and forces him out the door and tells him that he's busy working. Before he can close the door Michael tells him to stop trying to cheat him by telling him he doesn't know anything.

As their argument escalates Milia stops Michael and shouts for Mylene to hear that she's not allowing her to live alone so she should quickly go home. She closes the door behind her then leaves. Mylene crawls out from under the bed. She crawls on top of the bed and lets out a sigh of relief as she sees Michael and Milia leaving.

Mylene notices Basara's red Valkyrie and asks him where he got it. Basara tells her that he got it from Ray and continues composing his song. She asks where Ray got it but Basara answers that he doesn't know. Mylene then asks him why he suddenly flew off to sing in the middle of the battle. Basara answers that its something he always wanted to do. Mylene counters, that didn't he think what he was doing was dangerous and could get him in trouble. And what would she do if he had gotten killed. This statement gets Basara to stop playing his guitar and to look at her.

Mylene changes gears on the conversation by asking him about his sense of responsibility and lecturing him that they are entertainers and its their job to entertain the audience and make them feel good. To which Basara just tells her she's right but doesn't mind her as he continues working on his song.

Mylene tells him not to give him that kind of answer and asks him again why he went out to do something like that. Basara tells her "she doesn't know?", to which she answers she doesn't but before she can rant further, she tells him that she's thirsty and asks him if he has something cool to drink. Basara tells her that he has some cold lemonade below and to get him some while she's at it.

As Mylene gets the lemonade she notices a lot of other straws in the refrigerator and concludes that they must belong to the other girls who visit Basara's room. She asks Basara if girls come by his place and if those straws belong to them. Basara doesn't mind her. She asks Basara again who brought them then screams at Basara why he doesn't answer her.

Mylene loses her balance on the step ladder and Basara catches her just in time. Ray comes in but upon seeing Basara holding on to Mylene thinks that he is disturbing them and steps out. Mylene runs after Ray and tells him to come in. Basara asks Ray where he went but Ray tells them that he just had to do something.

Ray asks them what happened and Basara tells him that Milia came by. Ray asks what for and Mylene explains that Milia is trying to arrange a marriage for her and she thinks its horrible what she's doing.

Ray changes the topic by telling them that they have to go earlier to the concert area to prepare and that Veffidas has already gone ahead. Flower Girl is already in the concert area watching the preparations. Just then that attack alarm sounds.

Basara runs out the apartment towards his Battloid. Mylene chases after him to tell him that they have a concert and that he's being irresponsible. Basara tells him that he'll be back in time for the concert but Mylene shouts back that he's a liar because he's always late for their concerts and that he's not concerned about their fans. Basara tells her to keep quiet and that its just she doesn't understand yet what this is all about.

At the bridge we find out that Ens. Physica has taken the place of Docker in Diamond Force. Conserax, a surveillance package of probes, is being launched by one of the ships in the Macross 7 fleet to monitor the battle.

Back at Basara's room Mylene sees Ray playing Basara's composition. She asks if Ray understands his notes and Ray's says yes and that the song sound nice.

Gigil once again leads the attack and points out that the Spiritia level of their victims increases during the stress of battle. A underling asks him if they are going to attack the main fleet of Macross 7 but Gigil says that that isn't their objective.

Max orders the Conserax probes to take pictures of the enemy cockpit, but since the cockpit is obscured they cannot see inside. Exsedol thinks out loud, wondering if the enemy could be, but when pressed by Max what he thinks it is, he tells him that it is nothing. Then answers that the enemy craft is just about the same size as a human built craft.

Basara once again flies into the battlefield and starts singing. Gamlin flies to him and tells him to exit the battlefield, the bridge also tells him to withdraw. Gigil however has the more darker plan of sucking the Spiritia out of him. Basara just tells them to listen to his song. He starts using his gun to fire speaker pods at everybody's Valkyries then breaks out with "Planet Dance"

Basara's battle shows up on the screen of the open air concert hall and some of the earlier fans get to watch the battle and Basara's singing.

Gamlin flies at him and tells him that he's disrupting the battle. Gamlin has spent so much time trying to get a response from Basara that Diamond Force leader Lt. Kinryuu tells him to get back into the battle and stop bothering with him.

Basara uses a combination of flying and his pin-point barrier system to prevent from being hit by the enemy's fire. Gigil comes up to him and hits him with his Spiritia absorption beam to drain him of his Spiritia. Gigil's beam hits Basara's Battloid's shield, curves, hits Basara's cockpit hits then him. Basara fires a speaker pod into Gigil's Battloid which disrupts his collection. Gigil wonders what kind of Spiritia it was he got from Basara. Gigil orders a retreat as their Spiritia collection has already been completed.

Basara once again expresses disappointment for them leaving without him being able to finish his song and how that nobody seemed to listen to his singing. Ray comments that the fans watching Basara's performance didn't seem excited about it.

As Basara gets out of his Battloid, Mylene tells him that their concert is about to start and castigates him again for being late.

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