Thursday, April 23, 2009

Macross 7 - Ep 1: Speaker Pod

Macross 7 - Ep 1: Speaker PodIn the year 2009 the earth encountered its first alien race known as the Zentradi. It resulted in the first Galactic Space War between humanity and the aliens. A year later on the month of March the war ended and a new United Government was formed between humanity and the Zentradi. The giant sized Zentradi micronized themselves to human size and lived peacefully with the humans.

In 2011 a colonization program was formulated by the new United Government so that humanity and its culture could be preserved. A year later on September, the first ever colonization ship launched from earth and it was known as the Megaroad 1.

In September of 2030 a newer class of colonization ships launched from earth that was much larger than its predecessor. It could carry a million people. Eight years later the 37th expeditionary fleet launched with the 7th Macross class ship with its mission to go to the center of the galaxy and to look for planets to colonize.

The events of the series occur on the year 2045 when the Macross 7 had already been 7 years into its mission.

Ray Lovelock, Mylene Jenius and Veffidas are the members of the Fire Bomber band. Ray plays keyboards, Mylene the bass and Veffidas plays the drums. Ray decides to start the concert, not waiting anymore for their lead singer and guitarist, Basara Nekki. Mylene wonders where he is.

Basara Nekki can be seen hanging upside down from the roof of the dome of City 7. Fire Bomber starts playing the song "Planet Dance", but without Basara to sing just plays in a loop.

Over looking the concert hall on a hill top is Capt Maximillian Jenius. Former ace pilot, Captain of the Macross 7 fleet and father to Mylene Jenius. He watches the concert via binoculars and wonders out loud why they haven't started singing yet. He says that had he known that his youngest daughter would have ended up playing in a rock and roll band, he wouldn't have allowed her to have taken those piano lessons.

The giant dome of City 7 reflects a moon from a passing planet. Upon seeing it Basara lets go and falls down towards the concert hall. Near the ground he opens his parachute and glides his way on to the stage. Mylene angrily asks him what he's been doing that he became late for the concert. Basara apologizes but Mylene scolds him further for being late. Basara just laughs at her and looks at her that makes her embarrassed then he starts singing the lyrics of the song.

Max has to stop watching the concert as he receives a message from the bridge that the advanced guard of Macross 7 has sent out a distress call because they were under attack. He orders his fighters to go on standby along with the elite squadron of Diamond Force. Max is forced to have to miss watching Mylene's solo performance as he heads for the bridge. On the drive to the bridge, Max orders his crew to make preparations to lower the shell of City 7.

As Max reaches the bridge, Nine enemy fighters have been reported to comprise the enemy squadron. His advisor, a giant sized Zentradi named Exsedol has his giant head poking out beside Max's seat. As the enemy squadron breaks through the advanced guard, he orders the fighters to scramble and intercept.

As Diamond Force prepares to launch in their VF-17, Squadron leader Kinryu gives his two wingmen, rookie pilots Gamlin and Docker a pep talk. He tells them to take extra care in battle because the military has spent so much on them already and that they shouldn't waste their lives recklessly.

The VF-11 fighters are easily defeated by the mysterious attackers. Instead of killing them however they are being hit with a beam that renders them in semi-conscious state. Diamond Force arrives and is surprised to see what the enemy is doing to them.

Gamlin tries to contact one of the semi-conscious pilots by flying beside him. The man does not answer him but is visibly still awake. The bridge tries to contact the pilots of Angel squadron but they do not respond, even though their faces show that their eyes are still open.

Bridge operator Sally asks Max what that weapon is but he just tells her to keep her eyes on her monitor. Exsedol tells Max that this is the first time for him to see this type of weapon.

Gamlin takes on the leader of the enemy squadron, who is piloting a purple Valkyrie, he notices that only the leader has exceptional skill and speed. Gigil, the enemy leader fires his green laser at Gamlin but misses, hitting instead Docker.

Sally reports that the enemy have already broken through the first line of defense and are heading towards the Macross 7 fleet. Max orders City 7 to lower its shell and that he will be the one to explain to his estranged wife and City 7 Mayor, Millia, all about it.

Fire Bomber's concert is momentarily stopped as the city gets dark because the artificial sky had turned off. Mayor Milia calls up Max to ask why the City 7 shell had been turned off. Max tells her that he will explain later. He scolds the bridge crew and asks who made the mistake in turning the shell off instead of the ordered "shell down". Exsedol tries to reason with Max that its because the bridge crew is new and that either way it is already too late.

The concert watchers start screaming as they see the explosions in space. An explosion near the concert hall forces the wind to gust wildly. Basara wraps his body around Mylene to prevent her from being hit by the debris. The strong wind damages some of Veffidas drum kits.

Ray asks Mylene and Basara if they are ok and they answer in the affirmative. Basara asks Ray what's going on and he answers that most likely they are in a battle as the explosions seem to be coming from a Valkyrie and is most likely the reason also why the shell was turned off. Ray mentions that it most likely means also the end of their concert. Basara asks Mylene if she's ok, Mylene answers yes and that he can let go of her already.

Fire Bomber's roadies tell them that they're going to the shelter. Mylene and Ray run after them to the shelter but Basara does not follow. Veffidas starts playing her drums from the stage. Ray mentions that Veffidas seems to be enjoying this so Ray starts playing and Mylene follows. Basara says that he's going and Mylene asks him where? But he says out.

Flower Girl tries to run to Basara and give him the flowers but he just brushes past her. Basara runs back to his apartment and hops on a red painted VF-19.

Lord Gepernich watches the battle silently from his flagship. Gigil continues to go one-on-one with Gamlin and Gamlin narrowly misses the green beam being fired by Gigil. Basara suddenly comes in between them and disrupts their battle.

The bridge informs Max that an unknown fighter has entered the battle without any identification markings. Max orders them to contact it and he is surprised to see Basara on screen.

Ray jacks into the military frequency and the concert screen comes to life with the image of Basara flying through space and dodging the enemy's fire.

Basara says that he's been waiting for this moment for a long time. Gigil goes after him but he is unable to hit Basara. Gigil wonders why the instruments in his fighter are starting to malfunction. Gamlin wonders out loud who that idiot is flying in the middle of battle.

Basara converts to Battloid form and starts shooting at everybody. But instead of bullets he hits both friend and foe alike with speaker pods that attach themselves to their planes and allows the occupants to hear him singing. Basara starts singing "Totsugeki Love Heart" to them.

Gigil orders his squadron to continue with their mission as some of them have become distracted with the singing. Gamlin flies towards Basara and tells him to leave the area because he is interfering in the battle. He tells him further that he will shoot him down if he does not comply.

Exsedol asks Max if the Basara's purpose is to replicate Lynn Minmei. Max answers Maybe. Bridge operator Miho Miho tells Sally that Lynn Minmei was that person in the movie and that she was responsible for ending the war 35 years ago with her singing. Sally tells her that she saw that movie too.

Ray talks to somebody on the phone and asks them if they can broadcast the shot of Basara Nekki to the Galaxy network. Lord Gepernich wonders out loud why the gauges are malfunctioning. Gigil orders his squadron to retreat as they have achieved already their objective.

As the enemy leaves Basara tells them to wait as he hasn't finished his song yet. Max orders the survivors to be picked up. Basara starts to sing acapela in his Battloid.

Gamlin leaves his Valkyrie and floats towards the comatosed Docker who is unresponsive to Gamlin's calling. Mylene starts to play her bass to accompany Basara's singing while Ray smiles at what she's doing.

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